Myles Mugambi Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Social Media and Net Worth

Myles Mugambi popularly known as “Mugambiii” is an amazing Kenyan comedian and a sensational content creator. He is one of the best ‘Meme lords’ we have in the country always gracing ‘Netzens’ with unending smiles.

Mugambi who also doubles up as a social media influencer has invested his time heavily in the newly discovered gold industry of content creation, where most youths have channeled their attention with the hope of reaping something at the end of the month.

The young gifted ‘Meme lord’ has cemented his name all over the social platforms, making sure his content gets to his client fresh and new.

Myles Mugambi Biography

Myles Mugambi Age and Place of Birth

The meme lord was born in Kenya, however, information about his actual date of birth is still unclear. The information will be updated as soon as our team gets it.

Myle Mugambi Education

According to his LinkedIn profile, the skit master attended Kenyatta University. For his lower education, the information will be updated later.


Building a strong brand for any content creator is not a walk in the park, it takes time, consistency, and a lot of patience. The case is not different for our own ‘rib cracker,’ his career began way back in 2019 when he started posting some of his engrossing skits.

Being unique is one of the best strategies for any content creator to thrive in this industry.  Mugambiii choose a direction that many content creators had not taken at that time playing different characters at once.

Myles Mugambi Biography

His storyline is normally derived from family life and school life relating to how African mothers handle issues and different scenes that goes on in school. The topics might be simple and normal but when the camera goes on, he delivers them in an extraordinary format that leaves his followers on the floor.

Mugambiii started showcasing his talent on Instagram and slowly by slowly people started noticing his gift, as we all know ” netzens” click the follow or like button when something is worth their time. Following the success of his mind-blowing skits on Instagram, in 2020 he joined TikTok, which is believed to be the number skits platform.

The new venture was a bold move for him as it opened more doors giving him access to many people who reciprocated his love by giving him the click on the follow button. TikTok is one of the social platforms that have millions of people using it on a daily basis and for any content creator to be able to get his content out there it’s the best platform.

In 2021, he decided to flap his wings and extend his territory by opening