Melvin Alusa Bio, Career, Family, Brothers, Education and Net Worth

Melvin Alusa is a veteran Kenyan actor who has cemented his name in the film industry as the best actor on stage and screen. Alusa who is the big brother of Bien Aime Baraza has been featured in some of the best films including Justice and Crime.

He has also earned a name as a father of many as he’s one of few celebrities with eight kids in his 40s.  In our article, we bring the story of Melvin Alusa, from his background to his net worth.

Melvin Alusa Age and Place of Birth

Melvin was born in 1980 in Kakamega and spent his early life in the village.

Family Background

Melvin Alusa Bio

Alusa was born in a family of three boys, Yuri Baraza, him and Bien Aime Baraza. However, growing up he had a rough relationship with his dad and he ended up spending most of his childhood in the village with his grandmother.

Alusa was, the only stepson as he had a different mother from Bien and Yuri, and according to him, he grew up feeling rejection from his Dad. According to him, his father kicked him out of the house at the age of 17 years after he was expelled from school.

Melvin Alusa Education Background

He attended several primary schools before joining Kakamega High where he ended up being the captain of the Rugby team.


Melvin Alusa Bio

The acting was never on his to-do list when it came to career and just like other young men, when he completed his schooling he landed a job in a furniture shop. After that, he went into the matatu business becoming a tout where he worked for a while.

He later landed a job with Woolworths but he felt it wasn’t the right job for him so he decided to quit with the hopes of becoming a flight attendant at Region Air.

His hopes went south and he was left on the streets jobless. Being jobless linked him with a classmate who informed him of auditions that were going on at the time.