Brenda Wairimu Bio, Age, Career, Education, Family and Net Worth

Brenda Wairimu is a popular Kenyan actress, model, and film producer who has starred in several big local TV series. Her wealth of experience in the film industry goes beyond one and half decades thus hitting the list of the highest-paid actors in the country.

The award-winning actress is currently one of the main characters in one of the biggest local TV series “Zari” which airs at Maisha Magic. In this article, we tell the journey of Brenda Wairimu from education to her relationship and co-parenting.

Brenda Wairimu Bio

Brenda Wairimu Age

The cute actress was born on 3rd May 1989 and spent her childhood in Mombasa County. In 2015 she lost her mother only three years after the death of her father leaving her an orphan.

Education Background

She attended school in Mombasa County and later earned a scholarship that placed her at the United States International University well known as a USIU. She pursued a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration.


Brenda Wairimu Bio

Her journey in the acting field started in 2009 earning a role in a film titled “Challenging Times.” When she attended the audition for the first time she met hundreds of people who had turned up for the audition including Size 8. Seeing Sixe 8 who was already a star at the time she knew she wasn’t going to get the role.

However, she was among the selected actresses and she got to play Shariffa a girl from a poor background trying to fit in the class of her rich friends. The character didn’t pan out as she had expected as she received negative comments with some suggesting she earned the role through her beauty.

Despite, receiving negative comments from some of the viewers, the film earned her nomination for the Kalasha Awards as the Best Supporting Actress in Drama. On top of that, she got a call from a Mali producer.

She went on and auditioned for the program and nailed it earning the role of Lulu. This program served as her breakthrough as it went on to become one of the most-watched local soap operas at the time. In the film, she plays the role of a spoiled rich kid who turns into a drug addict.

With Challenging Times giving her the path and Mali giving her the prominence, in 2012 she was featured in the award-winning film dubbed Shuga playing Dala. After that, she was featured on Skandals Kibao playing as Kiki.

In 2018, earned a lead role in Monica, a local TV series about girls who could have done anything to climb the social standard. After that, she was featured in Subira and Disconnect which also attracted massive viewing.