Fathermoh Bio, Age, Career, Girlfriend and Net Worth

Moses Otieno, famously known as Fathermoh is one of the best Kenyan artists pushing the “Gengetone” genre that defines the Kenyan music culture. The young talented artist is the brain behind numerous Kenyan hits like “Dai Dai, Kasikie Vibaya” and many more.

The Kenyan music culture was initially defined as “Ngenge” with artists like Jua Cali, Nonini, Mejja, and others dominating the genre. However, with the arrival of the new generation, the genre gained a new name as the young generation came with a different vibe but maintained the culture.

From “Ngenge” we went to “Gengetone”, a genre that earned a massive following attracting more youths to try a hand in the music industry.  Fathermoh was among the artists who rose to fame during the wave of Gengetone in 2018 coming as a member of the then famous group, Mbuzi Ngang.

In our feature, we tell the story of Moses Otieno the mastermind of numerous hits like “Kasikie Vibaya”

Fathermoh Age and Place of Birth

Fathermoh Bio

He was born in 2002 in Nairobi County. He grew up in Nairobi starting his childhood in Dandora before his family relocated to Komarock in 2007.

Education Background

His education began in Nairobi where he attended his lower education level before joining Kisumu Onjiko High School. After high school, he decided to pursue a career in finance and joined college Kips College.

Fathermoh Career

The Kenyan-based musician didn’t earn what he has today in one night as he has walked a journey to become who he is today. Before joining the music industry,  he was a common hustler working as a hawker selling wear and snacks. His business targeted his fellow students since he did the business while still in college.

Joining Music

Fathermoh Bio
Mbuzi Gang [Photo/Courtesy]
His music career began when he was in High School participating in music and drama festivals. However, according to him, music was not a passion and he was only doing it for fun since music was not something he loved.

In 2018, two years after graduating from high school the “Ngengetone” genre hit the airwaves with different groups like Ethic coming up with bangers that all youths were vibing to.

This influenced him to start writing lines and trying them out. He wrote numerous songs but they were not attracting the masses since he didn’t have enough resources. He contacted Joefes who at the time was a member of “Mbuzi Ngang” and the group was doing great.

Joefes ignored him for six months and then contacted him, and they agreed to try a project together. At the time, Fathermoh had already written a chorus for “Wagithomo”.

Joefes was impressed with the song and he jumped into it, bringing Ssaru, Swat Ethic, EXray, and Dullah. The song became a hit and Mbuzi Ngang decided to bring him on board as one of their members.

However, to join them he had to be signed under the Black Market label so he signed a solo contract with the label and joined forces with Joefes and iPhoolish. The trio would release another hit dubbed “Shamra Shamra” featuring Mejja.

The song introduced the group to the market but their names were still unknown to many something Fathermore was not proud of.  After releasing numerous songs as a group, he decided to walk his path.

Going as a solo artist served as his breakthrough, releasing “Dai Dai” which went viral on TikTok and later released the music video. After “Dai Dai” he went on to release “Kasikie Vibaya” featuring Ssaru wa Manyaru.

Kasikie Vibaya became a major hit elevating him to a whole new level in his career. He is among the top-ranked artists doing well in the industry, holding the “Gengetone” culture as most groups and artists died a silent death.

Fathermoh Girlfriend

For a while rumors had it that the Kasikie Vibaya hitmaker was dating Ssaru wa Manyaru. However, he denied this allegation citing they are close friends but they not dating.

Even though the two are not dating, the talented artist is off the market as he’s currently dating.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be over Ksh 500k since he’s just on the rise of his career. With a young career, his revenue is still growing and with time he’ll be among the highest-paid artists in Kenya.