Matatu Fare Prices from Nairobi to Bomet County

Traveling from Nairobi to Bomet County in Kenya opens up a world of scenic landscapes, cultural heritage, and unique experiences. Matatus, provide a convenient and affordable mode of transportation from Nairobi to Bomet County. This article will highlight the major towns along the route from Nairobi to Bomet County, matatu fare prices, and fun activities to do.

Matatu Fare Prices from Nairobi to Bomet County

Distance: 224 km

The journey takes: 4 hrs

  • South Rift Sacco- Ksh 800
  • Narok Line- Ksh 700

Nairobi to Nakuru

Distance: Approximately 161.3 kilometers

Fare Range: From 300 to 600 Ksh

Nairobi to Taita Taveta County

Things to Do

Lake Nakuru National Park offers stunning views of the lake, home to flamingos and other bird species. Enjoy game drives and spot wildlife like rhinos, giraffes, and buffaloes. Discover the vast Menengai Crater, one of the largest volcanic calderas in the world. Take a hike to the rim and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Nakuru to Kericho

Distance: Approximately 107 kilometers

Fare Range: Ksh 300 to 500

Things to Do

Kericho is known for its lush tea plantations. Take a tour of a tea factory and learn about the tea-making process. Enjoy scenic views of the tea fields and sample freshly brewed tea. Explore Kericho Green Stadium: If you’re a sports enthusiast, visit Kericho Green Stadium, a renowned venue for football matches and other sporting events.

Kericho to Sotik

Distance: Approximately 50. 6 kilometers

Fare Range: 100 to 200 Ksh.

Things to Do

Sotik is known for its tea estates. Take a walk through the tea gardens and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Learn about the tea industry and its impact on the local economy.

Sotik to Bomet County

Distance: Approximately 32.8 kilometers

Fare Range: 100 to 200 Ksh

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Things to Do in Boment County

Visit the Bomet County Museum and explore the cultural heritage and history of the local communities. The museum displays artifacts, traditional crafts, and exhibits on the region’s traditions and customs. Experience the rejuvenating Maji Moto Hot Springs, known for its therapeutic properties. Enjoy the naturally heated pools and enjoy the natural beauty.

Matatu Fare Prices from Nairobi to Bomet County


Traveling by matatu from Nairobi to Bomet County immerses you in the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. From the wildlife encounters in Lake Nakuru National Park to the tea plantations of Kericho and the cultural experiences in Bomet County Museum, this journey offers a range of exciting opportunities. Before planning your trip, check with local sources or matatu stations for up-to-date fare prices and specific attractions. Embrace the beauty of the landscapes, engage with diverse cultures, and create lasting memories as you explore captivating Bomet County.

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