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Mark Masai, born Masai Abdullahi Kasim is an established Kenyan journalist, presenter, and newscaster, working for Nation Media Group on NTV. Masai hosts the NTV prime news and he is well known for his eloquent mastering of the English language with a British accent.

He was raised by a British foster parent where he inherited his lovely British accent. The fine-looking guy is one of the most successful media personalities in Kenya at the moment.

In 2018, he announced that he was going to venture into films through his social media accounts. According to him, he was going to make his debut in a comedy show alongside Eve D’Souza.

Being a successful journalist, one of his greatest motivations is knowing that God wants him to make life better. According to him, nothing was handed to him in a silver plater but instead, he earned everything through his hard work.  Mark Masai Bio


Mark Masai Age and Place of Birth

Masai was on October 20th, 1985 in Kenya.

Mark Masai Parents and Siblings

He was born in a Muslim family to Fatuma Abdullahi and an unknown father. However, his mother opted to give him up for adoption while he was still a baby to a British missionary woman, Mary Wright who was an English teacher.  Mary Wright raised Masai alongside his foster brother who much is not known about him.

As a junior, his foster mother advised him to join African Children’s Choir (ACC). This gave him an opportunity to tour the United State and experience a different environment performing in front of a huge audience. The experience gave him the confidence to stand in front of people a skill that would later help in his career.

Since he was born in a Muslim family he had to shift to Christianity as her foster mother was a Christian. He dropped the Muslim name and he decided to call himself Mark.

Mark met his biological mother later in life when he was already an adult.  Just like any other person it was not easy for him considering his mother gave him up for adoption. But with time he accepted the situation and even allowed her to pay for his last years in college.

After so many unanswered questions in his head, he decided to ask his mother the whereabouts of his biological father. However, her mother kept insisting it was not the right time.

His mother later told him he had given his father Mark’s contacts. His father contacted him while he was at work and he was out of words he had nothing to say to his dad considering he had never seen him since he was born.

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