List of Public Toilet Locations in Nairobi City and Their Prices.

Nairobi is one the biggest cities in Africa with thousands of traders and transits on daily basis and finding a place to answer the call of nature can be a little bit frustrating. Well, in this article we highlight a list of some of the public toilet locations in Nairobi city that you can access at an affordable price.

In Nairobi City, the toilet business has emerged as one of the most profitable businesses one can ever think of. Though they are managed by private groups they are under the Nairobi City Council. Mid-last year the Nairobi County government ordered for the closure of all public toilets citing poor management by cartels who had inched their way through a back door.

The City has over ten public toilets distributed around the city and they collect hundreds of thousands a week. However, these toilets don’t operate 24/7, and answering a call of nature can be more frustrating during the night hours. Following the early closure, some flower beds around the city have been turned into urinals. Additionally, with thousands of late-night squads which include, hawkers, conductors, drivers, and revelers some lanes within the city have been also turned into urinals.

Despite the high demand for more toilets around the city, many matatu conductors and drivers don’t use these toilets instead they relieve themself in between the matatu’s where the city council officers can’t notice them.

But for passers-by, you can’t just relieve yourself anywhere since the City officers are always on the look, and believe me the fines are beyond your imagination if you are caught relieving yourself where there is no public toilet.

Below we give you the different locations where you access public toilets.

List of Public Toilets Location in Nairobi City and their charges.

The best thing about the public toilets around Nairobi is that apart from being affordable they are also clean and some even have baby changing rooms. All toilets charge at the same rate which is 10 shillings per person whether adult or not.

Public Toilet Locations in Nairobi

1. National Archives

National Archive is one of the most known places in Nairobi and for newbies in town, this is where they take the bearing of where they are going. One of the Public toilets is located just next to Tom Mboya’s stature.

2. OTC

The OTC toilet is along Race Course road just next to the Oil Libya petrol station, behind the Namanga stage. The toilet also has a baby changing station.

3. Koja Toilet

Koja Public Toilet

Koja is well known as one of the entrances of the city with the main stage, meaning it has heavy traffic of people. This has attracted the invention of toilets around Koja Stage.

4. Accra Road Toilet