List Of Open Air Markets In Kenya

Open Air Markets in Kenya; open-air markets are huge markets selling different varieties of goods from food to merchandise. Kenya is among the top African countries where open markets contribute a lot to the country’s GDP.

Apart from offering everything you might need, the best thing about these open markets is that they are situated countrywide and they are easily accessible. Most of these markets are run by small-scale traders and just like any other business center getting a space is usually easy and tricky at the same time.

Securing space in most cases depends on who you know. Below we highlight some of the open Markets in Kenya.

List of Open Markets in Kenya

1. Gikomba

Open Markets in Kenya

Gikomba is one of the biggest and most popular markets in the country based in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. The market is well known as the hub of second-hand clothes (Mitumba. The market has been running for decades and it is normally divided into different portions where different goods are sold. Groceries and furniture have different portions.

The market is located a few kilometers from the CBD and has a capacity of over 20 thousand people visiting the market on daily basis.

2. Karatina Market

Karatina is among the largest open-air market situated outside Nairobi county. The market is located in Karatina town, Nyeri county. The Mt. Kenya-based market is well known as the best market for affordable and fresh fruits and vegetables.

The market has created over 50 thousand jobs for Nyeri natives, and other traders from different parts of the Central region.

3. Muthurwa Market

Open Markets in Kenya

The market is located at the core of Nairobi city, and neighbors Marikiti market one of the biggest grocery markets in Nairobi. Though it not that big it is divided into different portions but food and clothes are the main products sold at the market.

4. Kongowea Market

The market is located in the Coastal region of Kenya in the Nyali sub-county and it is one of the busiest open-air markets in the coastal region. The market offers different variety of fresh farm produce and clothes.

5. Kamukunji Market

Kamukuji market is another known open market located in Nairobi, the market is well known for mostly selling household commodities on wholesale. Apart from household commodities, it is also one of the best markets for new shoes.