List Of National Reserves in Kenya.

National Reserves in Kenya; For decades Kenya has been ranked as one of the best tourist attraction destinations in Africa and the world as a whole. Apart from the fascinating beaches in the coastal region, national reserves are among the top tourist attraction in Kenya with visitors traveling from different corners of the world to see the magnificent view of different animals and sceneries.

Most national reserves have rivers that offer a thrilling view of crocodiles and other water animals. One thing that has put reserves on the world map is the well-known mass migration of wildebeest that happens once a year and attracts thousands of local and international tourists.

Below is the list of top national reserves in Kenya,

List Of National Reserves in Kenya.

1. Masai Mara National Reserve

National Reserves in Kenya

Masai Mara is one of the best national reserves in the country named after the Maasai people who have been living in those areas for decades, the reserve borders the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania. Masai Mara hosts thousands of visitors once per year due to the migration of the Wildebeest and Zebras from Tanzania to Kenya.

The reserve boasts vegetation of acacia savannah and rolling grasslands where animal roams freely. Masai Mara is well known as home to Big Five and other engrossing animals like Black Backed Jackal.

The best thing about the reserve is that it has a wide range of accommodation at an affordable price.

2. Samburu national reserves

National Reserves in Kenya
Samburu National Reserve [Photo/Courtesy]
Samburu national reserve is a scenic reserve located in the southeastern part of Samburu in Rift Valley. It is the home to the vast Ewaso Nyiro river which separates the reserve from another reserve by the name of Buffalo Sprig National Reserves.

The reserve is prominent for its abundance and boasts different species of wildlife with elephants being the pride of the reserver. According to reports the reserve has over 900 elephants.

3. Shiba Hills

The reserve is located in the coastal region 35 miles south of Mombasa. Shiba hills are the vast rainforest,  woodland, and grassland that offers fascinating scenery. It is considered the home of flora and fauna. It boasts a high number of African Elephants, sable antelopes, and over 100 species of birds. In addition, it is also home to some dangerous reptiles like Python, Cobra, and Lizards

4. Tsavo national reserve