List Of Kenya’s Ministers Of Education Since Independence

The list of Kenya’s ministers of education has been growing continuously as every new president appoints his own.

The Kenyan Constitution’s Chapter Four Articles 43, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, and 59, which addresses children’s rights to free and compulsory basic education, including quality services, as well as to access educational institutions and facilities for people with disabilities that are integrated into society, to the extent that is compatible with the interests of the person, gives the Ministry of Education its legal authority.

Accessibility includes the use of Braille, Sign language, or other suitable communication methods, as well as having access to tools and materials to get around obstacles brought on by the person’s impairment.

To properly carry out its task, the Ministry has set up a complex network using its existing departments and sector entities.

The following are included in the Ministry’s specific mandate:

  • Management of Educational Policy
  • Continuing Education Management
  • Early Childhood Education Administration, Standards, and Norms
  • Education Standards Management
  • National Examination Management and Certification Curriculum Development
  • Quality Control in Primary and Secondary Education Institutions Management
  • Management and Education for Teachers
  • School Administration and Programs
  • Special Needs Basic Education and Training Institutions Registration Administration of education
  • Kenyan representation in UNESCO Adult Education Management
  • University Education Policy Administration
  • University Education Public Universities and Tertiary Institutions
  • Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Management in Technical Training Institutes, including Youth Polytechnics
  • Management of Institutes of Science and Technology
  • Management of Institutes of Science and Technology
  • Management of the National Council for Science and Technology.

The Ministry of Education is one of the most critical government ministries as it holds the country’s future in terms of educational and economic development. Education has been termed as one of the most powerful tools and key to economic development and as such, the ministry plays a key role in the country’s future.

A number of prominent Kenyan politicians, academicians, technocrats, and professors have been appointed to lead the critical ministry since independence. While some of them were tapped from the political space, others were identified from their professions due to their outstanding performances.

In this write-up, we look at the list of Kenyans who have served as ministers of education since the country attained its independence over 50 years ago.

List Of Kenya’s Ministers Of Education Since Independence

1. Hon. J.D Otiende –Minister of Education in 1964

2. Hon. Mbiyu Koinange– Minister of Education between 1964 and 1967

3. Hon Joseph Nyaga–Minister of Education in 1967



4. Hon. J.G Kiano–Minister of Education between 1968 and 1969


5. Hon. Taita Arap Towett–Minister of Education between 1973 and 1979