List of Kenya School of Government Courses

I will provide a list of courses or programmes offered at the Kenya School of Government in this article. Kenya School of Government (KSG) is a government-run educational facility with the authority granted by the KSG Act of 2012. The university is required to provide training, consulting, and research.

The institution’s main goals are to better educate Kenyans with an advanced understanding of public policy, national development, competency requirements, and increased integrity. KSG has also started various comprehensive educational initiatives for non-profit organizations and the private sector.

They are a diverse institution; as a result, offering courses in several academic fields. They have constructed many campuses around the country throughout time.

Kenya School of Government courses

Management Communication & Personal Development Programs

  • National Leadership Development Program
  • Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar
  • Protocol, Etiquette, and Event Management Course
  • Public Complaint handling and Service Charters Training Course
  •  Building and Maintaining a Personal Brand
  • Cabinet, Executive Memo, and Board Paper Writing Course
  • Conduct Meetings and Minute Writing
  • Consultancy Skills Development Course
  • Efficient Revenue Mobilization, Management, and Mapping
  • Executive Board Paper Writing Course
  • Public-private partnership management
  • Public Relations and customer care
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Course
  • Report Writing Course
  • Speech Writing Skills Course

Executive Leadership programmes

  • Innovative Leadership for Growth and Excellence Seminar
  • Leadership, Ethics, and Integrity Course
  • Senior Management Course
  • Strategic Leadership Development Programme
  • The Women’s Executive Leadership Program
  • Leading With Emotional Intelligence Seminar: IQ & EQ for Effective Leadership
  • Masters of Public Administration (MPA)
  • Performance audit and risk management
Kenya School of Government Courses

Governance, Policy & Strategic Planning Programmes

  • Institutional Re-engineering & Change Management Course
  • County Planning Seminar
  • Leadership, Ethics, and Integrity Course
  • Strategic Negotiation Course (Face-to-Face/Video Conferencing)
  • Strategic Planning and Management Course

E-Learning Programmes

  • E-Learning Strategy Workshop
  • Fundamentals of E-Learning: On-Line
  • Information System Security Management
  • E-Learning Course Production
  • Introduction to E-Government: On-Line
  • ICT for Devolved Government

Information Communication & Technology Programmes

  • Advanced Electronic Records Management Course
  • Basic Computer Maintenance and Security Course
  • Fundamentals of Electronic Records Management Course
  • International Computer Driving License
  • Records Management Course
  • Statistical Package for Social Scientists

Performance & Strategic Human Resource Management Programmes

  • Performance Management Systems Course
  • Strategic Human Resource Management & Development Course
  • Job Evaluation Seminar
  • Performance Appraisal System Seminar
  • Performance Contracting in the Public Service Seminar

Financial Management Programmes

  • Advanced Financial Management Course for Project Accountants Implementing Government and World Bank-Funded Projects
  • Cash and Treasury Management
  • Designing, Developing, and managing Donor Funded projects
  • Financial Accounting, Recording, and Reporting (FAARR)
  • Audit and Risk Assurance Seminar
  • Budget Preparation
  • Financial Management Course for Project Accountants Implementing Government and World Bank-Funded Projects
  • Public Sector Financial Management
  • Revenue Enhancement Financial Management for Non-Finance Managers
  • Fraud Investigation and Prevention Course
  • Public Procurement Course

Management & Development Programmes

  • Conflict Management and Resolution Course
  • Disaster Management Seminar
  • Effective Personal Assistants and Office Administrators Course
  • Executive Secretarial Course
  • Induction Course
  • Secretarial Management Training course
  • Supervisory Skills Development Course
  • Public Prosecution Course
  • Training of Trainers
  • Management Course for Social Development Workers
  • Management Skills Development Course
  • Office Management Course