List of Internet Service Providers in Kenya

List of Internet Service Providers in Kenya. Kenya is slowly becoming one of the biggest home for Internet service providers (ISP). The telecommunication and digital marketing sector has been growing rapidly in Kenya thus influencing more demand for internet.

Before  we go deeper into Internet service providers, an internet service providers is a company/ organisation that allows consumers to access internet service. Internet service on the other hand are service that allows your computer or any device to access the World Wide Web.

Over the last ten years Internet service providers have been investing heavily in Kenya. Despite all ISP offering the same service, they all compete in terms of high-speed internet since no client want a buffering internet connection.

Kenya is one the countries in Africa with a a stable and suitable economy for ISPs. This has been influenced by thirsty youths who are more curious to know what’s going on around the world.

Moreover, due to lack of jobs, youths have seen an opportunity to earn from different online platform’s. With many people working online, it’s obvious they will require a faster and affordable internet.

Moreover, many companies in Kenya have embraced the idea of working from home  thus reducing office expenses. At the  moment, you can’t walk for 10 meter without coming a cross a WiFi receiver on the top-roof of many buildings around urban areas.

For a person to be able to access the services of ISP, you must have a device such as, router, mini-wifi devices or modem. In this article we are going outline the list of Internet Service Providers in Kenya.

1. Safaricom Home

safaricom home fibre

For over two decades Safaricom has been one of the best network and internet provider with amazing service and offers. Almost 80% of Kenyan people use it’s service and due to this Safaricom has heavily invested to ensure its clients get a faster, reliable and affordable internet services.

However, despite being one of the best ISP in Kenya, Safaricom is one of the most expensive providers in Kenya. Safaricom charges Sh 2900 for 5mbps monthly and 11,499 for 40 Mbps monthly.

Furthermore, Safaricom recently launched Safaricom Home Fibre. Home Fibre comes in four packages including Bronze( 8mbps), Silver (20mbps), Gold (40 Mbps ) and Gold (100 Mbps ).

All of these package comes in different prices however, the prices are normally not constant. However, Safaricom Home Fibre is not fully installed country wide and it’s only available in some parts of urban areas.

2. Faiba Jtl.


The company operates under Jamii telecommunication and its ranked as one of the best internet service providers in Kenya. When it comes to high-speed internet then Faiba is a clear definition of no buffering.

However, despite being fast and reliable Faiba is only available in Nairobi and other major towns. Faiba is a purely 4G network and it can provide data rates of up to 72mbps.

Faiba mainly uses their portable device by the name of Faiba Mifi and it has a long lasting battery meaning you can access internet away from your home. Faiba comes with different packages like,1gb @ 50 daily, 8gb @ ksh 300 weekly and 25gb @ Ksh 1000.