List Of Hot Springs In Kenya

Hot springs in Kenya; hot springs are water bodies whose temperature is slightly higher than the air temperature of their surroundings. Due to their unique nature, these springs serve as tourist attractions drawing visitors from different angles of the world.

So, why do hot springs attract visitors? well, spending some minutes in the spa or having a hot bath will definitely attract some charges. But dipping your feet into a self-made spa is definitely one of the most thrilling feelings you can ever have.

With all said and done, many are wondering where we get to see these wonders of mother nature. Well, below is the list of hot springs in Kenya that you can visit, they are also adventurous so, don’t forget to tag friends.

List of Hot Springs in Kenya

1. Lake Magadi Hot Springs

The self-made spa is located Southwest of Nairobi city in a small town, Magadi town around 2hrs from Nairobi. The spring is mainly caused by saline hot springs that feature temperatures of up to 86 degrees. Unlike some of the hot springs where the springs are set up in a pool-like creation, Magadi is purely flowing springs.

2. Olkaria Geothermal Hot Spa

Hot Springs in Kenya

Olkaria is regarded as one of the largest hot springs in Africa with a magnificent view. The spring is based in Naivasha within Hell’s Gate National Park in Nakuru County.

The best thing about this self-made spa is that it’s well maintained with three cascade pools. The first one serves as the receiving pond for the hot brine that has a temperature of up to 90 degrees, that’s pretty hot, trust me it’s not a perfect spot to dip.

The second pool takes in the overflow of pool one but the temperature here stands up to 50 degrees and has a shallow end and deep end. The third pool has a temperature of 35 degrees and it is the biggest pool that can hold more than 400 people, now this is the perfect place to melt your street and enjoy a warm bath.

The pool is opened All Days of the week from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Please note visiting the spa is suitable using private transport means since it is located in a national park. You can also use public transport means but you’ll have to rent a bike that is if you know how to ride one it cost 500 to rent one.

A restaurant is available but no accommodation is offered.

3. Lake Bogoria Hot Springs

Hot Springs in Kenya

Lake Bogoria is one of the popular hot springs in the country with a conducive environment for school learning tours. The saline, alkaline lake is located in Marigat Baringo county.

The spring is well-known as an egg boiler spot, it is also famous for geysers based along the lake banks. The place is open to the public but there is also a resort nearby, Lake Bogoria Spa Resort, that has tapped the natural spring into a classy swimming pool. The off-resort springs are free but for the resort, the spring pool is 400 per adult and 200 per kid. However, for the hotel residents, swimming is free.

Restaurant and accommodation are available