List of Best Secondary Schools in Bomet County

This article lists the best-performing secondary schools in Bomet County with their background and contact information. The best-performing secondary school in the 2022 KCSE examinations in Bomet County was Tenwek High School which had an average mean score of 8.7561.

List of Best Secondary Schools in Bomet County

Here are the best secondary schools in Bomet County;

1. Moi Siongiroi Girls High School

Moi Siongiroi Girls High School is located in Siongiroi Center, a portion of Bomet’s interior. It is a school for girls. Each form has three streams, each of which may hold up to 40 pupils. It has consistently produced strong KCSE scores, making it the best school in the Bomet area.

It features competent administration and well-trained teachers. The school has a high level of security, which helps the children to learn well in a comfortable setting. It provides the best and most nutritious meals to its employees and pupils.

KNEC Code: 25551207


Address: Bomet-Chebunyo Road,Chebunyo Chepalungu

Phone: 0726 961199



2. Tenwek High School

Tenwek High School is located near Tenwek Mission Hospital. Each form has six streams, with a maximum of fifty students per stream. It is a steady and high-performing boys’ school in the area and has achieved excellent KCSE results in recent years. From its founding in 1945 as an intermediate school under the management of the World Gospel Missionaries, the African Gospel Church has served as its primary sponsor (AGC). It is notable for its dark green and grey pants.

KNEC Code: 25500023


Address: Bomet, Silibwet

Phone: 0724 079346

3. Kaplong Girls Secondary School

Kaplong Girls Secondary School is a girls-only public boarding school located in Kaplong town, Bomet County, Kenya. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes both academic and co-curricular activities.

Regarding academic performance, Kaplong Girls Secondary School has consistently produced excellent results in national examinations such as the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), with many of its students scoring A’s and A-grades. Apart from academics, the school strongly emphasizes sports and other co-curricular activities.

KNEC Code: 25500019


Address: Kaplong – Narok – Maai Rd, Sotik

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