Jimmy Kibaki Biography, Career, Odi Bets, Wife, Education and Net Worth

Jimmy Kibaki is an eminent Kenyan entrepreneur who has invested heavily in different sectors but he is known for his investments in sports betting. Jimmy is the first son of the late former President Mwai Kibaki who most Kenyans referred to as “Baba Jimmy”.

Despite his late father being in the political field for so many years, Jimmy has never exhibited any interest in politics during his father’s stint as the President. The businessman rose to prominence after his father’s retirement and he became the family spokesman.

Recently, he joined the murky world of politics joining the Democratic Party as the deputy party leader.

Jimmy Kibaki Biography

Jimmy Kibaki Age and Place of Birth

Jimmy was born in Kenya in 1963 and he is currently aged 59 years ago.

Jimmy Kibaki Family

Jimmy was born to the late Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki and the late Lucy Muthoni Kibaki. At the time he was being born his father was an active servant of the government but was elected as a member of parliament that same year to represent the people of Donholm.

He is the firstborn in a family of four kids his siblings include David Kibaki, Judy Kibaki, and Tonny Kibaki.

Education Background

The renowned businessman attended St Mary’s School commonly known as Saints-in Nairobi. After that, he joined Salve Regina University where he pursued political science and administration.

Jimmy Kibaki Wife and Kids

Jimmy Kibaki Family

Jimmy married his long-time girlfriend Sherly Anne. The two met way back in St Mary’s School and their Union has been blessed with children including Mwai Kibaki Jr, Sean Andrew, and Emma Ngini.

Jimmy Kibaki’s Net Worth

Kibaki’s firstborn is a well-loaded man judging from his series of business including Odi bets that earn lucrative revenue. He has an estimated net worth of over Ksh 1 billion without his father’s wealth.


Jimmy Kibaki