I&M Bank to M-Pesa Charges

This article shows the new I&M Bank to M-Pesa transaction charges after the reinstatement of the charges by the Central Bank of Kenya. I&M Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Eastern Africa operating in different countries including Kenya.

In 2020, I&M was among the financial institutions that waived the bank-to-mobile wallet transaction charges.  The waiver was announced by the Central Bank of Kenya in March 2020, the move was aimed at helping Kenyans embrace mobile money in selling and buying goods and services during the Corona period.

Since 2020, the charges were never reinstated until the fall of 2022, when the Central Bank of Kenya boss announced the charges were going be reinstated starting January 2023.

CBK made the move after the financial institution reached out to them on the matter and they responded positively. Following the announcement every transaction exceeding 100Ksh that you’ll make from bank to mobile will attract a transaction fee.

The transaction charges are not something new since it has been there since the inception of the bank-to-mobile transaction. However, the current charges are slightly different compared to the previous charges.

Additionally, not all banks are charging the same charges, different banks are charging different rates for the transaction including I&M Bank. However, despite having differences in charges the margin ranges from 1 or 2 Ksh in any amount transacted.

The directive of reinstating the charges will also apply to Mpesa to bank transactions. Now depositing cash to your bank account will attract a fee also, this has raised questions, especially for people who are in saving mode as they’ll have to bear the cost of saving through mobile-to-bank transactions.

I&M Bank to M-Pesa Charges

Below are the charges from I&M bank to M-pesa Charges

I&M Bank to M-Pesa Charges

Amount In Ksh                                     Charges in Ksh

1-100                                                               0
101-500                                                          10
501-1000                                                        12
1001-1500                                                      14
1501-2500                                                      23
2501-3500                                                      33
3501-5000                                                      43
5001-7500                                                      55
7501-20,000                                                   65
20,001-150,000                                              65

The above charges will apply only on the bank to personal m-pesa accounts. However, when buying something from the bank through a paybill the charges are different and they are slightly higher. Below are the charges from the bank to the paybill number.

Amount In Ksh                                     Charges in Ksh

1-49                                                                    17
50-100                                                               18
101-499                                                             48
500-999                                                             53
1000-1499                                                         80
1500-2499                                                         87
2500-4999                                                         114
5000-9999                                                         143
10,000-34,999                                                  170
35,000-49,999                                                  260