How to Transfer Money From Mpesa To Stanbic Bank Account

Having a fast, secure and convenient banking system is crucial to all banks, mobile banking has emerged as one of the best ways for quick and convenient banking. In a nutshell, we analyze how to transfer money from Mpesa to a Stanbic Bank account using your mobile phone.

Stanbic Bank is one of the financial institutions that has been doing an incredible job when it comes to banking services in Kenya and other African Countries. Like most banks in Kenya, Stanbic bank has also not been left behind in embracing mobile banking.

Away from the online and the USSD options, Stanbic Bank has also partnered with Safaricom’s M-Pesa services to enable its client to deposit and withdraw cash from their respective bank accounts.

Mpesa which is owned by Safaricom has emerged as one of the most used mobile money transfer services in Kenya. Due to its popularity, most banks have been able to give their customer easy access to their bank accounts without visiting a bank physically.

All this has been made possible by the “Pay Bill number” option, with a valid Stanbic Bank Pay bill number you can transfer cash from your M-pesa account to your Stanbic Bank account within minutes.

Below we highlight step by steps on how to transfer money using the Mpesa Pay Bill number to the Stanbic account.

Transfer Money From Mpesa To Stanbic

Transfer Money From Mpesa to Stanbic bank

  • Open the STK app on your mobile phone/ Safaricom App
  • Go to the Lipa na Mpesa option.
  • Then Select Paybill
  • In the “Business number” field the Stanbic account number which is “600100”
  • Then select the Account number you wish to credit, note the number must be a valid Stanbic Bank account number.
  • Proceed and enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Enter your 4-digit Mpesa Pin then press the send button
  • Please confirm the details within the 25 seconds provided by Safaricom, in case of any errors press any number on your dial pad to cancel the transaction.
  • Once the transaction is complete Safaricom and Stanbic Bank will notify you within seconds confirming the status of the transaction.

Transfer Money From Stanbic Bank to Mpesa

When it comes to money transfers from Stanbic to Mpesa you can use different options like Stanbic App, Pesalink, or use their USSD. Please note you have to register before you access these services.

Transfer Money From Mpesa To Stanbic

Using Stanbic Bank App

  • First, log in to your mobile
  • Head to “Menu bar”
  • Select “Send Money to Mpesa”
  • Enter the Mpesa number you wish to credit “Own” or “Other numbers”
  • Enter Pin
  • Press Send
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message from Mpesa and Stanbic Bank.