How to Register a Church in Kenya

This article will discuss how to register a church, the requirements needed, and the time it takes to register a church in Kenya.

Church registration, ministries, and all religious organizations are all registered under the Societies Act in Kenya. Before they get registered, all churches and other groups based on religion are required to go through a security procedure to vet their safety.

Requirements of registering Church in Kenya

Below is a list of the requirements for church registration

  1. The proposed physical address of the Church; plot number, road, town, and county.
  2. Provide names of church officials in full; Chairman, secretary, and treasures. Assistant officials where applicable.
  3. Provide the Email address and telephone number of each church official.
  4. Provide the postal addresses of each church official.
  5. Provide copies of the National Identity card of each church official (passport for foreign nationals).
  6. Provide copies of the PIN certificate and each church official’s current tax compliance certificate.
  7. Provide a passport photo of each church official.
  8. At least one of the church officials should provide a qualification certificate, diploma, or degree in theology from a recognized institution of
  9. Certificate of good conduct from the national police service of each church official.
  10. Provide an introduction or recommendation letter from a registered religious society of good standing. The letter should be signed by more than two officials of such society and a copy of the registration certificate of that society.
  11. Provide an affidavit of each church official, indicating whether they are officials or members of any other religious societies and the names of such associations.
  12. A list of all the members of the society and their personal information
Register a Church in Kenya

How to register a church in Kenya

  1. Find a unique name – search for the requested name to establish that no organization exists with that name.
  2. Draft a constitution for the society.
  3. Fill out the proposed application forms- Form A – Application for registration of a Society Form and Form B – Notice of registered office of a Society Form.
  4. Attach all the required documents.
  5. Apply for registration.
  6. Registration – Registration is filled when all the above are processed.

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How long does it take to register a church in Kenya?

All Kenyan church registration applications are subject to a rigorous vetting procedure. Depending on several circumstances, including those listed below, the typical period for vetting approval may range from four to eight months.

  • Accurate contact information was provided.
  • Location of the registered office
  • Provide the number of officials to be vetted.
  • Location of the said officials

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Certificate of Exemption

The Registrar of Societies does not have to keep close tabs on exempt societies. The Minister or Attorney General is responsible for issuing the exemption.

  • Exemption from filing list of members.
  • Exemption from filing annual returns.
  • Exemption from filing accounts.

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