How to Pay NHIF Through Mpesa

The National Hospital Insuarance Fund famously known as NHIF is a state-owned corporation that provides health insuarance to Kenyans. This article covers how you can pay NHIF via mpesa in the comfort of your living room without visiting their offices.

The corporation was established in 1966 with a mandate to provide a better, accessible, quality and affordable health insuarance to every Kenyan enrolled in this program. However, the payment mode depends on the job you do, if you’re a government employee or any other company’s employee your monthly rates are always deducted directly from your salary and forwarded to NHIF on your behalf.

Additionally, for employees, rates depend on the salary they earn at the end of the month. The lowest earner, earning around 0-5000 Ksh pays 150 Ksh whereas the one earning 100k Ksh and above pays 1700Ksh.

In order to bring everyone on board the government made it a mandatory requirement for everyone who gets hired by any company to enroll in this program. However, for self individuals, their case is a little bit unique.

As a self-employed Kenyan, enrolling in this programme is optional, if you opt to enroll,  the government has set a daily fee of Ksh 20 bob or a monthly fee of Ksh 500 a month. In this case, you’ll have to commit yourself and forward this contribution through mpesa or USSD code.

Well, if you’re still struggling this article will guide you on how to pay your NIHF via Mpesa, Safaricom app, and USSD code.

Pay NHIF through Mpesa

NHIF payment via mpesa
  1. On your mobile phone’s STK/Tool Kit open the M-Pesa menu
  2. Head to the “Pay Bill” option.
  3. Under the “Business Number” fie enter the valid NHIF pay bill number “200222.”
  4. Under the “Account Number” enter your national identity card.
  5. After that, enter the amount you wish to transfer and press send.
  6. Then enter your 4-digit M-Pesa pin.
  7. Safaricom will prompt you with a confirmation message, confirm the details within the given 25 seconds then cancel, in case of any error press any key on your phone and press send to cancel the transaction
  8. Once the transaction is successful you’ll receive a confirmation message from Mpesa and NHIF confirming your payment.

Pay NIF Via Safaricom App

Safaricom App or Mpesa app can be described as an updated version of mpesa. However, to use this service you’ll need to have a smartphone and access to the internet.

The best part about the Mpesa app or Safaricom app is that it can save your details once you key in for the first time. This means the next time you’ll need to pay for these services it will be a one-click transaction.

  1. On your smartphone open the Safaricom app
  2. Select the pay bill option
  3. Enter the valid NHIF paybill number “200222”
  4. Enter your ID number as the account number and press send
  5. Enter the amount you wish to pay and press okay
  6. Enter your mpesa app pin and press enter
  7. Once the transaction is done you’ll receive a confirmation message from Mpesa.

Pay for NHIF via the USSD code

NHIF payment via mpesa

USSD code is a unique number used by different companies to enhance customer satisfaction in matters concerning customer service delivery. USSD code is also more convenient since it doesn’t require internet or a smartphone with a normal banner phone you are good to go.

This mode not only gives you access to payment but also gives you access to other NHIF self-services. To use this service dial *155# and follow the process.