How to Pay Land Rates in Kenya

Pay land rates in Kenya, Land rates are taxes imposed on all parcels of land country wide. The land rates levies are usually paid to the county governments once in a year.

However, despite this levies being paid in all counties, the charges always depend on the location of land and its value. For example the land rate paid in Nairobi county is different from the rates paid in Turkana County.

Moreover, when the value of land goes up the land rates also goes up as well, meaning the land rates are calculate according to the increase of land value. Some of the factors that influence the increase of land value include Electricity, Good roads, Sewerage system and street lights.

Once you complete the land rate payment you must receive the rates clearance certificate. The certificate testifies that you have fully paid the land rates.

However, in most case people usually confuse land rate and land rents while they are making their payment. When it comes to land rents they are paid directly to Ministry of lands and physical planning while Land Rates are paid at county governments.

Lately the county governments have been very strict when it comes to the payments of land rates. According to Kenyan law, if a person decline to pay the required land rate the council is allowed to take a legal action against him/ her in a court of law.

In addition, the council is also allowed to sell the property and recover the unpaid rates.

In this article we are going to outline different methods used while paying for land rates. Land rates can be paid through Online platform, Bank deposit/ transfer, Mpesa and county cash office.

How to Pay Land Rates via Online Platform

  1. Visit e-citizen portal from your computer
  2. Sign in to your registered account, if you don’t have a registered account click on sign up to create an account.
  3. Click on the Ministry of land
  4. Enter your valid land title number
  5. Fill in the online form which is provide in the platform and then submit it.
  6. Confirm the filled details and go ahead with the payments.
  7. After the payment is complete the system will prompt you an option to print the payments results.

e-citizen was introduced by government to enhance and improve different sectors of government. While using the platform you can be able to easily pay your land rate at comfort of you home. You can also be able to access other government services.

Pay Land Rates Using M-Pesa

  1. Send an SMS with a word “land ” to 21504 to register for the service.
  2. After registration you will receive a confirmation message stating you have successfully registered to the service
  3. Dial *512# in order to access the services
  4. Follow the provided steps and make your payment.

Pay Land Rates in Kenya via Bank

  1. Have a valid bank account with your original names.
  2. From your account transfer the payments to the county governments account.
  3. You can also deposit directly to the county governments account.

Prior to the above methods, payments were made through county offices. With the county offices one had to travel up to where the office is located. At the moment things are more advanced and many people don’t use this method anymore.