How to Pay for Safaricom Home Fiber Through M-Pesa

This article provides an easy guide on how to pay for Safaricom Home Fiber subscription through M-Pesa. Safaricom Home Fiber is an internet provider owned by one of the largest telecommunication companies in Kenya.

Apart from being owned by one of the largest telco companies in Kenya, it is also considered one of the best and fastest internet providers in Kenya. However, their services are limited in some parts of Kenya since their distribution mode is cables.

Once you are connected with Safaricom Home Fiber your subscription is timed with 30day from the installation day. This means you’ll have to renew your subscription after 30 days. If you fail to renew your subscription the services will be suspended until you pay the respective amount of your package.

Safaricom Home Fiber comes in different packages that go for different subscription fees. Below are the packages and the price for each,

  • Bronze (8mbps)- 2,999
  • Silver (20mps)- 4,100
  • Gold (40mbps)- 6,299
  • Diamond (100 Mbps)- 12,499

Despite the different packages the payment methods are similar, and below is an easy guide on how you can pay your monthly subscription using m-pesa or their unique USSD.

Pay Safaricom Home Fiber

Pay Safaricom Home Fiber Through M-Pesa

1. On your phone go to your Mpesa Menu

2. Then Select the “Lipa na Mpesa” option

3. After that, Select the “Paybill” option

4. Under the “Business number” option enter “150501”

5. Under the “Account Number” option, enter your Fibre account number

6. Enter your monthly subscription under the “amount field”

7. Enter your 4-digit m-pesa pin number and press OK.

8. Confirm if all the details you have entered are correct and press OK (if you notice an error with the transaction details just press any number on your dial pad and cancel the entire transaction)

9. Once the transaction is complete you’ll receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA for the transaction

Pay Through USSD Code (*400#)