How To Become a KCB Agent, Requirement, Float and Commission

Here is how you can become a KCB Agent, all the requirements, and commission. Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is one of the biggest financial service providers in Kenya headquartered in Nairobi Kenya. Its roots go way back to 1896 when KCB Group was inaugurated. In 2011, the bank made a major move when it launched KCB Mtaani, a program that has brought services closer to people.

Prior to the inauguration of the program, the only way you could have accessed its services was by visiting the nearest bank branch. This was quite tiresome since you had to lineup for more than 30 minutes before you could be assisted.

Currently, the program has been operating for more than a decade and so far it has been successfully serving thousands of KCB clients on daily basis. Additionally, it has also helped small-scale traders who serve as agents earn an extra income at the end of the month.

The program pays through commissions where the more you transact the more you earn. Additionally, there are no restrictions you can serve as an agent for other banks while still an agent of KCB.

Though the process seems to be quite easy and straight, there are numerous documents you need for the bank to approve you as one of their agents. Below are the requirements and commissions that you’ll be earning as an agent for every transaction you make.

KCB Agent Requirements and Commissions.

KCB Agent Requirements


  • You should be a KCB account holder (In case you don’t have an account with them just open one)
  • Have two colored passport-size photos
  • KRA Pin certificate
  • Kenyan Identity Card
  • A valid certificate of good conduct
  • Valid business permit.
  • Physical business address, secure and accessible
  • The business must have operated for a minimum of 12 months
  • Once you have all these visit the nearest KCB branch and you’ll be a form to fill out. Please ensure to read all the terms and conditions before signing the application form
  • The Float will be communicated to you while you are applying for the role.

Role of an Agent

  1. Cash Withdrawal 
  2. Cash Deposit 
  3. School fees payment 
  4. Rent payment 
  5. Account Opening 
  6. Balance Enquiry 
  7. Mini Statements
KCB Agent Requirements


Withdrawal Amount             Transaction Cost            Commission

100 – 2,000                              20                                    10