How much does online writing pay in Kenya?

Online writing is gaining ground in Kenya and becoming among the best ways to generate income and wealth, especially for university and college students and many young people across the country.

One of the things that have made it a reputable earning opportunity is its flexibility and high earning rates depending on the level of writing skills. Writers in Kenya may use this opportunity to become a Freelance Writer and stay motivated. Writers from Kenya are well-known across the globe.

It is possible to make money in a short period, even more money than top bank managers in Kenya! Regarding writing online, you may anticipate various monthly payment rates.

In reality, the discrepancy in incomes is fairly large in this scenario. For some writers, a month in which they earn Ksh 10,000 is a terrific month that warrants a night out on the town to celebrate their hard work. For others, Ksh 500,000 is a poor month that needs a thorough investigation of what went wrong and a new action plan.

Writers earn varying monthly incomes depending on many factors. This article will evaluate Kenyan writers’ average earnings in three categories; beginners, experienced beginners (competent writers), and account holders.

How much does online writing pay in Kenya?


These include those who have recently had an interest in online writing and want to try it with the belief that they will make extra money from the industry. In most cases, this category mainly consists of individuals who have recently joined campus and have a passion for writing and making extra money to accommodate a better living style in school.

The amount earned by beginners chiefly depends on the people (account owners) who are giving them tasks; this can range from Ksh 150- 200 per page. Besides, their learning skills also determine the number of tasks they get every month. On average, such writers can earn Ksh 7000-10000 every month.

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Experienced Writers

This category comprises individuals who have completed many writing tasks in high and low seasons. Reasonably, competent writers have at least one year of experience in the industry.

Such writers should have already grasped the basics of academic writing, such as APA, MLA, and Chicago writing formats. Such writers can also handle varying tasks such as essays, reports, or problem-solving assignments.

A component writer earns a minimum of Ksh 300 per page and is highly likely to get more tasks throughout the month. On Average, competent writers can earn Ksh 30000 upwards every month depending on the writing season.

Account Owners

In a nutshell, an account owner is anyone who owns an online writing account. Account owners now come in different tiers. Some people have access to high-level accounts, while others only have access to lower-level ones.

Accounts of this caliber have a steady supply of high-paying work and the ability to accept or bid. As a result, account owners may be confident that they will be busy. Writing low-quality reports is becoming more difficult as the number of writers competing for a few low-paying positions grows.

As a result, an account holder may go for weeks without finding work in any capacity. However, an account owner might easily earn more than Ksh 20,000 a month with regular efforts if the content mill deducts its portion (50