High-Profile Resignations in Kenya Since Independence

This is a list of high-profile resignations witnesses in the Kenyan Government since the country’s independence. Since the country’s independence in 1963, many high-profile government officials have resigned, either for reasons of credibility, dispute with who is who in the authorities, or to make way for inquests or even scandals, to name a few.

We investigated the main resignations since independence and recorded them for you below.

High Profile Resignations in Kenya Since Independence

1. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga

Jaramogi’s resignation as Kenya’s first Vice President was the first high-profile resignation during the Jomo Kenyatta administration. Jaramogi objected to Jomo and walked away three years after the country’s independence. He then founded his own party, the KPU, and effectively became the chief opposition leader a position that his son Raila Odinga has maintained to date.

2. Murumbi Joseph

Kenya’s second vice president resigned after only a year in office because he disagreed with Kenyatta’s handling of the then-opposition led by Jaramogi and general state affairs.

3. Matiba Kenneth

This was during Moi’s presidency. Matiba resigned as Transport and Communication Minister in 1988. Matiba was also a Kiharu legislator at the time. He resigned as a minister after being “rigged” out of the Kanu Sub branch leadership.

4. Mwai Kibaki

Former President Mwai Kibaki resigned from the government in 1991 and founded the Democratic Party. He was the Health Minister in President Moi’s administration at the time of his resignation.

5. Simeon Nyachae

After 7 years in politics, Simeo Nyachae resigned from the Finance Committee in 1999.
He had too many problems in the Treasury to stay any longer, and his superiors saw him as too candid for that position.

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6. Amos Kimunya

After the Grand Regency Hotel fiasco, then-finance minister Amos Kimunya was forced to resign (Laico). His resignation is among Kenya’s high-profile resignations.

7. John Koech.

He resigned from Moi’s government after losing his support and disagreeing with Moi on leadership issues.