How To Become Co-operative Bank Agent; Requirements, Float & Commissions

Co-operative Bank of Kenya is one of the banks that has created jobs opportunities beyond its office doors, where thousands of entrepreneurs have partnered with the bank to bring services closer to people. In this article, we give you a clear insight on how to become Co-operative bank agent.

One of the things that Co-operative bank has emphazied on is customer satisfaction when it comes to easy banking. Away from mobile banking, the bank has also partnered with different entrepeneurs country wide through the Co-op Kwa Jirani docket.

This docket offers different banking service like, money withdrawal from you bank account, depositing money to your account and most importantly fee payments. This makes it easier for any Co-op client to access banking service with his ATM card within his location.

However, services like withdrawal using the Co-op Kwa Jirani services you need to have your ATM card. If you are an entrepreneur with a physical business address, Co-operative Bank is ready to work with you as its agent.

The best thing about being an agent is that you don’t need to be a Co-op bank account holder. Additionally, there is no limitation when it comes to who you chose to work with, for instance if you have already partnered with another bank, Co-op still has a room for you.

As an agent you get paid through commission, the more the transaction the more the cash comes your way. However, apart from having a physical address there are numerous requirement you need to have before the bank apporoves your request to become an agent. Before visiting a Co-op bank branch to register for this service you ensure you have the below document.

Co-operative Bank Agent Requirements

Co-operative Bank Agent
  1. Acquire Certificate of Good Conduct
  2. Have KRA PIN certificate
  3. Bank statementsin case you’re not a Co-op Bank account holder
  4. Have a valid business permits active for the last 12 months
  5. Certificate of registration
  6. Copy of National ID
  7. Then have two passport size photographs
  8. Business owners’ CVs (tell them more about your)
  9. Also have CBK Form 3 & CBK Form 4 witnessed by Commissioner of Oaths

Please note that the CBK application charges and a 1,000 fee.

Co-operative Bank Agent Float and Transaction Limit.

When it comes to Co-op Kwa Jirani Float, the amount is usually determined by the client limit which is agreed during the registration process. When it comes to transactions limits, below are the trasaction limit for all services.

  1. Withdrawal limit- 100,000
  2. Money Deposit limit- Zero Limit you can deposit any amount
  3. School Fees payment-Zero limit.

Co-operative Bank Agent Commision After Transaction

Co-operative Bank Agent

Withdrawal Commission

Amount Trasaction