Bus Fare Prices from Nairobi to Wajir County

This article will highlight the major towns between Nairobi to Wajir County, the distances and fare ranges, and interesting things to do. Wajir County is situated in the arid and semi-arid region of Kenya. It is predominantly inhabited by ethnic Somali people, who comprise most of the population.

Traveling from Nairobi to Wajir County by bus promises an enriching experience, showcasing the diversity of Kenya’s landscapes and cultures. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or an adventure seeker, Wajir County has something to offer everyone.

Bus Fare from Nairobi to Wajir County

Distance: 681 km

The journey takes: 11 hrs

  • Golden Coach- Ksh 2,700
  • Legend Coach- Ksh 2,700
  • Mumtaaz Bus- Ksh 2,500

Major towns between Nairobi to Wajir County

Nairobi to Isiolo

Distance: Approximately 273.3 km

Fare: Around 700 to 1400 Ksh

Isiolo is a bustling town that serves as the gateway to northern Kenya. Although a lesser-known tourist destination, the town’s proximity to several national parks and reserves makes it an ideal stop for wildlife enthusiasts. The nearby Buffalo Springs National Reserve and Shaba National Reserve offer unique wildlife viewing opportunities, including rare species such as Grevy’s zebras and reticulated giraffes.

Isiolo to Garissa

Distance: Approximately 349.4 km

Fare: Around 600 to 1000 Ksh

Garissa is known for its vibrant markets, including the colorful Garissa Main Market. While in Garissa, experience the unique blend of cultures and traditions in the town, and sample traditional Somali dishes in local restaurants. Travelers can visit the Garissa Cultural Center to learn about the traditions and customs of various ethnic groups living in the region.

Garissa to Modogashe

Distance: Approximately 176 km

Fare: To be confirmed

Modogashe town is a small that serves as an essential stopover on the way to Wajir County.

Modogashe to Habaswein

Distance: Approximately 120 km