Bus Fare Prices from Nairobi to Samburu County

Traveling from Nairobi to Samburu County unfolds a captivating adventure through Kenya’s scenic landscapes. Samburu County, situated in the northern region, boasts a unique cultural heritage and breathtaking natural beauty. This article will discuss the major towns between Nairobi to Samburu County, distances, fare ranges, and interesting things to do.

Matatu Fare from Nairobi to Samburu County

Matatu Fare from Nairobi to Maralal

Distance: 400 km

The journey takes: 7 hrs 30 min

  • Maralal Safaris- Ksh 1,100

Major towns between Nairobi to Samburu County

Here are the major towns along the route, the approximate distances, and the fare prices.

Nairobi to Naivasha

Distance: 91.4 kilometers

Fare range: 200 to 400 Ksh

Naivasha is the first big town you’ll encounter from Nairobi to Samburu County on your journey. While in Naivasha, a boat safari on Lake Naivasha lets you get close to various birdlife and spot hippos in their natural habitat. Visit Hell’s Gate National Park: Hell’s Gate National Park offers unique hiking, rock climbing, and geothermal spa experiences at Olkaria Geothermal Spa.


Naivasha to Gilgil

Distance: 30.6 kilometers

Fare range: 50 to 200 Ksh

Gilgil, a town along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, offers a mix of historic landmarks and natural beauty. Explore the nearby Kariandusi Prehistoric Site, an archaeological treasure trove dating back to the Stone Age.

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Gilgil to Nyahururu

Distance: 68.1 kilometers

Fare range: 200 to 400 Ksh

Nyahururu, renowned for Thompson’s Falls and its chilly climate, is a pivotal point on the route to Samburu County.

Nyahururu to Rumuruti

Distance: 43.3 kilometers

Fare range: 100 to 250 Ksh

Rumuruti, set amidst rolling hills, offers a serene atmosphere and is known for its agricultural activities.

Rumuruti to Maralal

Distance: 109.5 kilometers

Fare range: 400 to 800 Ksh

Maralal, the administrative capital of Samburu County, welcomes travelers with its vibrant markets and serves as a hub for exploring the county’s attractions.

Maralal to Samburu

Samburu County is a region located in northern Kenya, East Africa. The county’s administrative headquarters is Maralal. Samburu County is known for its unique culture, stunning landscapes, and rich biodiversity.

Nairobi to Samburu County


Interesting things to do in Samburu County

1. Samburu National Reserve Exploration

Explore the allure of Samburu National Reserve, famed for its diverse wildlife, including the “Samburu Special Five.” Engage in game drives, birdwatching, and embrace the untamed landscapes.

2. Cultural Heritage

The Samburu people, a Nilotic ethnic group, are the predominant residents of the area. They have a rich cultural heritage, known for their distinct clothing, beadwork, and traditional lifestyle.

3. Scenic Landscapes

Samburu County features a variety of landscapes, including arid plains, riverbanks along the Ewaso Ng’iro River, and rugged hills. The landscape provides a unique backdrop for both wildlife and cultural experiences.

4. Matthews Range Excursion

Venture into the Matthews Range, a hidden gem known for lush forests, abundant birdlife, and unique landscapes. Explore hiking trails, encounter rare animals, and relish breathtaking vistas.

5. Maralal Camel Derby

Participate in the renowned Maralal Camel Derby, an annual event that attracts participants from around the world. Witness camel races, cultural performances, and vibrant festivities.


The journey from Nairobi to Samburu County offers a captivating traverse through Kenya’s diverse topography. With matatu transport facilitating travel and many fascinating attractions within Samburu County, this journey promises an enriching and unforgettable experience.

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