Bus Fare Prices from Nairobi to Marsabit County

Embarking from Nairobi to Marsabit County is a mesmerizing journey that traverses Kenya’s diverse terrains, cultural variety, and rich traditions. Marsabit County, nestled in northern Kenya, is famed for its vibrant mix of cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and superb Lake Turkana. This article will discuss the major towns between Nairobi to Marsabit County, distances, fare ranges, and interesting things to do.

Bus Fare Prices from Nairobi to Marsabit County

Distance: 543 km

The journey takes: 8 hrs 15 min

  • Moyale Liner- Ksh 2,500
  • Meiso Sacco- Ksh 2,200

Major towns between Nairobi to Marsabit County

Nairobi to Nanyuki

Distance: Approximately 195 kilometers

Fare: Around Ksh 300 – 700

Nanyuki, situated at the base of Mount Kenya, is a vibrant town offering unique experiences. Travelers can revel in horseback rides, explore the captivating Ol Pejeta Conservancy, and dive into the vibrant Nanyuki Market.


Nanyuki to Isiolo

Distance: Approximately 80 kilometers

Fare: Around Ksh 300 – 600

Isiolo presents a unique gateway to northern Kenya, where the Samburu culture beckons. This town offers a tantalizing glimpse into a captivating tapestry of traditions and the fascinating landscapes of the region.

Isiolo to Merille

Distance: Approximately 139 kilometers

Fare: Around Ksh 800 – 1200

Merille emerges as a refreshing pit stop, offering a break for travelers destined for Marsabit County.

Merille to Marsabit

Distance: Approximately 118.6 kilometers

Fare: Around Ksh 500 – 1000

Marsabit County welcomes travelers with its distinctive cultural mosaic, striking landscapes, and abundant exploratory prospects.

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Other towns to visit in Marsabit County


Located on the border with Ethiopia, Moyale is a bustling town that embodies the cross-cultural influences of the region. Travelers can engage with the Borana and Gabra communities, experience the vibrant local markets, and witness the border crossing activity.

North Horr

A visit to North Horr allows travelers to explore the lives of the Rendille people. The town’s vibrant markets, traditional dances, and interaction with the locals provide a deeper understanding of the Rendille culture.

Marsabit National Park

Engaging Activities in Marsabit County

1. Exploring Marsabit National Park

The allure of Marsabit County is enhanced by its National Park, home to a majestic volcanic mountain and an array of captivating wildlife. Watch for elephants, buffaloes, and a diverse bird population as you explore. The park offers mesmerizing viewpoints that perfectly portray the region’s natural splendor.

2. Lake Turkana

Embark on a journey to the shores of Lake Turkana, a mesmerizing expanse renowned as the world’s largest permanent desert lake. The lake’s UNESCO World Heritage status is well-deserved, offering breathtaking vistas, opportunities for birdwatching, and captivating interactions with local communities.

3. Climbing Mt. Marsabit

For those seeking an adventure of a different sort, climbing Mt. Marsabit is a must. This dormant volcano promises panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, a verdant forested crater, and even wildlife encounters.

4. Diving into Cultural Riches

A journey to Marsabit County is incomplete without engaging with its diverse communities, including the Borana and Rendille tribes. Immerse yourself in their traditional customs, relish in captivating cultural performances, and gain insight into the nomadic way of life.

5. Marsabit Town Exploration

Uncover the vibrant Marsabit Town, the administrative nucleus of the county. This melting pot of cultures offers a unique blend of influences, making it a captivating hub to explore.

6. Crater Lakes Wander

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the enchanting crater lakes of Marsabit County. Lakes such as Paradise and Rutundu offer tranquil and picturesque settings, nestled amidst the embrace of the surrounding mountains.


To conclude, the expedition from Nairobi to Marsabit County encapsulates the essence of Kenya’s diverse facets, cultures, and landscapes. Facilitated by bus transport, this journey unveils a panorama of unique attractions Marsabit County holds dear. It’s an opportunity to gain insight into the lives of northern Kenya’s communities, forge connections, and uncover the stark beauty of this remote region.

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