Best Secondary Schools in Kakamega County

This article lists the best secondary schools in Kakamega County, in no particular order, along with a brief explanation for each school.

Best Performing Secondary Schools in Kakamega County

Here is a list of the best-performing secondary schools in Kakamega County;

1. Friends School Kamusinga

Some of the highest-achieving kids in the nation come from Friends School Kamusinga. The school has a stellar reputation for its academics and extracurricular offerings nationwide. In 1956, a native British named Allan Bradley established the school. The primary function of the school was to serve as a transfer unit for Friends School Kaimosi. It has now expanded into an extracurricular powerhouse as well.

KNEC Code: 36600004


Address: Mt. Elgon, KIMILILI CHWELE

Phone: 0722 232554

2. Butere Girls’ High School

Butere Girls’ High School is located in Marama Central, Butere Sub-County. It has been around longer than most other institutes in the area. In 1957, Church Missionaries established the school. National schools affiliated with the Anglican Church laid the groundwork for its establishment. You won’t find a better national school in Kakamega County than this one.

KNEC Code: 37600005


Address: MUMIAS BUTERE,Marama Central, Butere

Phone: 0716 377733


Best Performing Secondary Schools in Kakamega County

3. Kakamega High

The original name of Kakamega High was Government African School Kakamega. It opened in 1932 and is now classified as a national school. The institution admits pupils from throughout the nation.

KNEC Code: 37600001


Address: Dormitories, Kakamega

Phone: 0704 143990

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4. Booker Academy

Booker Academy is a group school.  The school was established in 1993 to serve the children of Mumias Sugar Company workers. While the school started as a day school, boarding was added in 2004. Throughout the last decade, Booker Academy has consistently produced outstanding academic results. This secondary school ranks high among the finest in Kakamega County. A well-rounded education and character training are provided for your child.

KNEC CODE: E8080513


Phone: 0729 927 759

Email: [email protected]


5. St. Peter’s Mumias Boys High School

St. Peter’s Boys is a boy boarding secondary school in Mumias Town. The Catholic Church sponsors the school. The school was established in 1958 by Missionaries from Holland. St. Peter’s Mumias Boys High School is highly esteemed, with excellent academic performance and well-rounded extracurricular activities, including sports and music. The school has produced notable alumni in various fields.

6. Mabole Boys

Mabole Boys is one of the most prestigious and successful schools in Kenya. It is situated close to Butere Town, in Kakamega County. In the KCSE results of 2021, the school fared quite well.

KNEC CODE: 37608022


Address: Marama Central, Butere

Phone: 0734 363720

7. Malava Boys’ High School

This school is known for its high academic standards and strong sports program. It also has a well-stocked library and modern science labs.

KNEC Code: 37614102


Address: Webuye Rd, 6-50103 Malava, Kakamega, Kenya

Phone: +254-203573253

Best Performing Secondary Schools in Kakamega County

8. St. Peter’s Seminary Mukumu Boys

St. Peter’s Seminary Mukumu Boys is a public secondary school in the Shinyalu constituency. The school is generally sponsored by St. Peter’s Seminary (a religious organization). St. Peter’s Seminary Mukumu Boys is a diverse school that accepts students from all backgrounds. It has qualified instructors who cater to the educational requirements of every student.


Address: 6QF6+VG5, Mundulu Rd, Kakamega

Phone: 0705 587416

9. The Musingu Boys High School

The Musingu Boys High School in Western Kenya is one of the country’s best boys’ national schools. Even now, it is consistently ranked among the top schools nationwide. It may be found in the Shisele area of the Ikolomani Constituency.

KNEC CODE: 37615001



Phone: 0721 782368

10. St. Mary Mumias Girls School

St. Mary, Mumias Girls School, is in Nabongo, Mumias Central. The school began as a Harambee school in 1973; the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega funded and oversaw its operations. In the beginning, just 23 female students were at the boarding school.

KNEC Code: 37617210


Address: Mumias Road Mumias, west

Phone: 0714 886835

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