Best Private Secondary Schools in Mombasa County

This is a list of the most outstanding secondary schools in Mombasa County, noted for producing the best outcomes in Kenyan national examinations.

Braeburn Mombasa International School

Below are the best private secondary school in Mombasa County;

1. The Aga Khan High School, Mombasa

The school has 627 students, 44 instructors, and ten non-teaching staff members. It is available to kids of all religions, ethnicities, and nations. It is a private school administered by the Aga Khan Education Service, Kenya, which strives to give 11 schools in Kenya a top-notch education.

The Aga Khan High School, Mombasa, was founded in 1919 after the girls’ school was established and the boys’ primary school opened its doors in 1918. The school is located on Vanga Road, across from the Government Training Institute and between the Aga Khan Hospital and the Jaffery Academy.

It is home to two institutions, Aga Khan Primary School and Aga Khan High School. The school provides a broad-based, multi-disciplinary education focusing on languages, sciences, humanities, technical topics, and student-centered teaching/learning in an interactive learning environment that fosters the love of inquiry.


Vanga Road

P.O. Box 90062-80100



Phone: +254 41 2408005 / +254 734 470 000 / +254 733 470 047

Aga Khan High School.

2. Mombasa Baptist High School

The Mombasa Baptist High School is a secondary day school for Kenyan students. It is situated on Koinaga Street, close to the AIC Church, in Tudor, Changamwe constituency, Tudor Four Sub-location, and Tudor Location in Mombasa County’s Island Division.

Mombasa Baptist High School is, without a doubt, the best school in terms of devotion and responsibility to pupils. Teachers are beneficial and dedicated to their learners.


Phone Number: 041-2491920, 2493678 and 0736-985177


Address: P.O. Box 90452, Mombasa 80100.

3. Sheikh Khalifa Secondary Technical and Secondary School

Sheikh Khalifa secondary technical and secondary school