Best Private Secondary Schools In Kwale County

This article provides some of the best private secondary schools in Kwale County, Kenya, along with details about each school. Below are some private secondary schools in Kwale County that you can research further:

Best Private Secondary Schools In Kwale County

1. St. Jessica High School

St. Jessica High School is a coeducational private day and boarding school in Diani Beach, Kwale County, Kenya. The school offers a contemporary facility with well-equipped classrooms, science and computer labs, a library, sports facilities, and boarder dorms. It also has a well-trained teaching team focusing on individualized learning and student attention.

St. Jessica High School has frequently fared well on national exams. The boarding facilities of St. Jessica High School offer pupils a safe and secure environment, with dorms watched over by devoted house parents who offer support and direction. The school also provides well-balanced food and medical services to guarantee the health and well-being of its kids.

2. Reedemed Academy Secondary School, Ukunda

Reedemed Academy Secondary School is a Private Secondary School located in Kubo near Ukunda Town, Msambweni Constituency in Kwale County.

Contact information

Address: P.O. Box 806 – 80400 Ukunda, Kenya

3. St. Mary’s Kwale Junior Secondary School

St. Mary’s Kwale Junior Secondary School aims to provide a holistic education that caters to the needs of each student. The school strongly emphasizes academic excellence and provides students with a range of extracurricular activities to develop their talents and interests.

Contact information

Address: P.O. Box 14 – 80403 Kwale, Kenya

St. Mary's Kwale Junior Secondary School

4. Lulu Girls High School (LGS)

Lulu Girls High School (LGS) is a collaboration with the One World Foundation of Oldenburg, Germany. In 2006, the organization purchased a piece of land and funded a school’s development. Mekaela Academy has a long-term lease on the site. However, the foundation continues to own the land and its buildings legally. However, Lulu Girls High School (LGS) was established in 2016.

Contact information

Address: MHVF+77M, Diani Beach