Best Performing Secondary Schools in Kitui County

This is a list of the best-performing secondary schools in Kitui County; the rank of these schools may change over the years.

Best Performing Secondary Schools in Kitui County

These are the best public secondary schools in the county if you’re seeking one.

1. Kitui High School

Kitui High School is a public boarding national school with a long academic excellence history. The school can be found along the bumpy Kitui-Mbusyani Road, about 2 kilometers from Kitui town.

Mean Score: 8.5


Address: P.O.Box 39, Kitui 90200

Phone: +254723636536


School code: 13300007

2. Kisasi Boys High School

Kisasi Boys High School is one of the best-performing schools in Kitui County. The school is located in the Chuluni area near Kisasi Town, Kitui Central Constituency in Kitui County, of the Eastern Region in Kenya.

Mean Score: 8.5


Address: F2WJ+7C4 Kitui Rural, Kisasi

Phone: 0711 100552

School code: 13357101

Best Performing Secondary Schools in Kitui County

3. Muthale Girls High School

This public girl’s boarding school is in Muthale, Kitui County. Muthale Girls High School was formed in 1970 as a Mixed Day School by the Franciscan nuns, and the boys were phased out the following year.

The school became a government school in 1981 and was subsequently changed to a complete one-streamed girls’ residential school in 1985. From these modest beginnings, the school has expanded to become the current four-streamed full-boarding National Girls High School.

The school’s strong academic reputation consistently produces top performers in national examinations. Muthale Girls is also known for its strong emphasis on moral values and character development.

Mean Score: 8.1


Address: P.o Box 20 90203 Tulia,

Tel:  +254 726 331 829, +254 722 611 506


School code: 13300005

4. St. Charles Lwanga School

This Catholic-sponsored boy’s boarding school is located in Mbiuni, Kitui County. The school has consistently performed well in national examinations and is known for its academic excellence, discipline, and well-rounded education, including sports, music, and drama.

Mean Score: 7.69

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