Best Performing Secondary Schools in Kericho County

This article lists the best-performing secondary schools in Kericho County, including the KNEC code and contact information.

Best Performing Secondary Schools in Kericho County

Below are the best secondary school in Kericho County;

1. Kipsigis Girls High School

Kipsigis Girls School opened in 1955 as an African Girls Boarding school with one stream of classes 5-8.  The overall enrolment was one hundred and forty students. It was upgraded to a secondary school in 1965, two years after independence, with 120 pupils.

Kipsigis Girls is a school that attempts to pursue strategies and initiatives to achieve our purpose and contribute towards empowering the girl–child. Kipsigis Girls High School is a top-performing girls’ school in Kericho County, known for its excellent academic performance and discipline.

The school has consistently produced top performers in national exams. The outstanding achievement has given the school the pride and confidence to continue offering exceptional education, owing to the sharp sense of team spirit, commitment, and a shared vision.

KNEC Code: 28500005


Address: Kipsigis Girls High School Premises, Kericho-Sotik Rd, Kapsuser

Phone: 0714 034055



2. Kabianga High School

Kabianga High School is a national public boys’ school that has consistently performed well in national exams. It is located in the Belgut sub-county, Kabianga Sub-location, Kabianga Location in Belgut Division of Kericho County. The school offers various academic and extracurricular activities, including sports and music, and strongly emphasizes discipline and hard work.

Mean: 9.3467 B

KNEC code: 28553202


Address: P.O. Box 18- 20201, Kabianga, Kenya.

Phone: 0726013528


3. Moi Tea Girls High School

Moi Tea Girls High School is a top-performing girls’ school in Kiptere, Kericho County. The school has a reputation for academic excellence and a strong emphasis on discipline and values.

Moi Tea Girls was founded by the Kenya Tea Farmers Association in 1996. It is inside the James Finlay tea factory in Kenya’s Rift Valley. Moi Tea Girls is a public secondary institution. The school has transformed from an average institution to a national powerhouse competing with other institutions in examinations.

Mean: 9.21

KNEC Code: 28512112


Location: Belgut Constituency, Kericho County, Rift Valley Region.

Postal Address: P.O. Box 1222, Kericho 20200


Phone: 0727354851

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4. Litein Boys Secondary School

This public boys’ school has a reputation for academic excellence and a strong emphasis on discipline and hard work. The school has produced many top performers in national exams and offers many extracurricular activities.

Mean: 7.5656

KNEC Code: 28522505


Address: Litein Opp KWFT Litein Branch

Phone: 0734 670616


5. Cheborge Boys High School

Cheborge Boys High School is a public boys-only boarding school in the Kuresoi South constituency. It is situated in a serene environment in the heart of Kuresoi and is about 30 kilometers from Nakuru town.

The school was founded in 1985 and is a product of the government’s effort to provide quality education to the Kenyan population. Over the years, it has gained a reputation as a top-performing institution in the country, with excellent academic and co-curricular programs.

Mean: 9.44

KNEC code: 28522508


Address: C4JM+RGM, Litein

Phone: 0720 423117

6. Cheborge Girls’ High School

Cheborge Girls’ High School is located in Kericho County, Kenya, and is a public secondary school that caters exclusively to girls. The school has a reputation for academic excellence and offers a range of subjects, including sciences, humanities, and languages. The school’s motto is “Strive for Excellence,” Its mission is to provide a holistic education that prepares young women for leadership and success in the 21st century.

Mean: 9.3754

KNEC Code: 28522511


Address: Litein

Phone: 0112 348383


7. Tengecha Girls High School

This is a girls-only public secondary school located in Tengecha, Kerich County. Tengecha Girls High School has a reputation for producing excellent results in national examinations, and many of its graduates have pursued successful careers in various fields. The school has a dedicated team of teachers and support staff who work together to provide a conducive learning environment for the students.

Mean: 7.9595

KNEC Code: 28522509


Address: Litein

Phone: 0722648273

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