Best Performing Private Secondary Schools in Nyandarua County

This is a list of the private secondary schools in Nyandarua County with the best overall performance. Kisima Mixed Secondary School has the highest overall performance in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams held in 2022/2023 in Nyandarua County.

Best Performing Private Secondary Schools in Nyandarua County

1. Kisima Mixed Secondary School

Kisima Mixed Secondary School, located in Nyali Sub County, Nyandarua County, has quickly been recognized as one of the best secondary schools in Kenya. The institution gives free education to children from low-income families who have shown exceptional academic aptitude.

Kisima mixed secondary school maintained its status as the top institution in Nyandarua County in the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams. It had the third-highest average score in the country, 10.059, making it the third-best institution overall. Two out of thirty-four earned an A, and one earned a C+. In the 2022/2023 KCSE examination, Kisima was the best school in the county, with a mean grade of 8.9444 (B).

Also, Kisima mixed secondary school is a Christian charity that provides financial aid to low-income students so that they may attend and succeed at Kisima. Scholars from around Kenya, including the north, the middle, and the west, benefit from their assistance. By financially supporting a kid, sponsors increase the likelihood that they will attend school, remain there, and become productive members of society.

Contact information

Phone: 0720 699415

Address: PO Box 1605

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2. Graceland Boys Secondary School

Graceland Boys Secondary School is a private boy boarding secondary school in Kieni. The school is one of three: Graceland Girls and Graceland primary school. Graceland boys seniors has been a performing school nationally. In 2020 the school scored a mean grade of 8. 02 and in 2023 a mean grade of 8.04.

Contacts information

Phone: 0723 829463

Address: Nyahururu


Graceland Boys Secondary School

3. Elite Senior 

One of the most prestigious secondary schools in the country for young men, Nyahururu Elite Senior School can be found in Nyandarua County. The school aims to cultivate young people who are not only academically proficient but also possess creative brains, healthy bodies, and ethical souls. These qualities are necessary for contributing knowledge, compassion, and leadership to Kenya and the world. The school is also a top performer in the country; for example, in 2020, the school had a mean of 7.742.

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