10 Kenyan Politicians who don’t drink Alcohol

Partying is common among politicians owing to their heavy pockets. But are you aware of Kenyan politicians who don’t drink alcohol at all?

For the longest time, politics has been regarded as Kenya’s most lucrative career. It has been described as the quickest way to amass wealth. This has been demonstrated by a number of Kenyan politicians. Their extravagant lifestyle has brought attention to their lives.

While drinking alcohol remains a popular form of entertainment in Kenya, several politicians have chosen sobriety.

In this article, Jambo Daily looks at some politicians who don’t guzzle.

Kenyan Politicians who don’t take Alcohol

1. President William Ruto

Politicians who don't drink Alcohol

President William Ruto has been dubbed Kenya’s most religious President. He is a wise leader who was raised in a Christian home. The President, believe it or not, does not consume alcohol.

Former Gatundu MP Moses Kuria confirmed Ruto is a sober leader during the campaign last year. He then described how he single-handedly propelled Uhuru Kenyatta to the presidency. He claimed that while other politicians went on drinking sprees, Ruto remained sober.

2. DP Rigathi Gachagua

Politicians who don't drink Alcohol

DP Rigathi Gachagua only consumes tea and soft drinks.

Kenya Kwanza’s running mate Rigathi Gachagua stated during the 2022 Deputy Presidential debate at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa that he does not consume alcohol.

“I’m hardworking, passionate, I get up early, I don’t drink alcohol, and I have all the time and commitment to serve the people of Kenya,” he said.

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3. Jimmy Wanjigi


Politician-cum-businessman Jimmy Wanjigi is among the politicians who don’t drink alcohol. He is another political figure who has chosen a sober lifestyle. Wanjigi does not drink alcohol, despite his public display of wealth.

On several occasions, he was seen drinking tea in the midst of others drinking alcoholic beverages.

4. Chepkorir Linet Toto

Politicians who don't drink Alcohol