10 Dying Professions That Aren’t Worth Pursuing.

This article highlights 10 dying professions that aren’t worth pursuing in the current world since they are either outdated or no longer selling in the market.  It’s every child’s dream to become great in the future and be known in certain professions like doctors, teachers, and any other profession. As the days go by and the introduction of technology many professions have be brought down by the advancement of technology

1. Translator

It occupies a large area in terms of professionals, in the past translators were required to be around in order to help in translating some information into the required language. Technology has taken part in providing the art of translation to be easier and readily available to everyone thereby kicking people out of their positions.

2. Bank tellers

In the current world of banking, things have changed since many banks have come up with apps that help their clients know what is happening to their accounts without going to the bank. These apps enable one to transfer money and deposit money without visiting the bank itself, these apps have reduced the employment of tellers in the bank. On top of that, the banks have also introduced withdrawal and depositing machines that require no teller. In the next ten years, this position will be a story of the past

3. Factory workers

10 Dying Professions That Aren't Worth Pursuing

Back in the olden days, factories used to use people to do the tough work this type of labor made a lot of to be employed and some were enslaved. But things began to change in the 20th century when the introduction of machines made work easier compared to the back days.

Robots have taken a bigger part of the factory industry in that even the slightest job in the factory is moved by a robot, a case study done in 2022 by Brigham Young University it was found that 14% of workers surveyed had their work replaced by robots. Even though the mode of robots hasn’t arrived in Kenya yet, soon the technology will force the companies to get there.

5. Travel agents

Nowadays the travel industry has changed its ways of planning vacations and trips for its clients. The internet has provided the agencies with a platform to advertise their services, in doing so the clients are able to research and book trips to their desired destinations. With the help of ChatGPT, many traveling agencies have been able to take advantage of it to help customers answer questions about airfare or accommodation.

6. Administrative assistant

One of the biggest successes in a business is better planning for scheduled appointments especially by executives. In previous years executives relied on administrative assistants who would help them plan for their meetings and travel arrangements, but this has been overtaken by remote work where an executive can work anywhere in the world also means someone can be an assistant for more than one executive.

7. Journalism

10 Dying Professions That Aren't Worth Pursuing