Top 10 Biggest Facebook Groups In Kenya

Due to the massive online presence of its citizens, Kenya is one of the countries with the biggest Facebook groups in Africa.

Facebook began as a lonely boy’s tool for staying in touch with his classmates, but it has evolved into so much more over the years.

With the introduction of groups, like-minded individuals now had access to a single platform from which they could exchange ideas, stories, and the occasional banter.

Numerous groups have emerged in Kenya, ranging from those advocating for the naming and shaming of immoral members of society to those simply advocating for the adoption of cutting-edge agricultural technologies.

If you’re reading this, there’s an 80/20 chance you’re a member of one of these groups; even if you never post and instead scroll through on silent mode like a ninja, it still counts.

Kenyans have flocked to these organizations like moths to a flame, with new ones springing up every other day.

Following a review of thousands of groups, here is a list of the most influential Kenyan Facebook groups to date.

Top 10 Biggest Facebook Groups in Kenya

1. Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals- 2.1 Million members


If you enjoy cooking, this is definitely a train you should take.

The group, which was founded by a banker with a passion for cooking, grew so quickly that she had to quit her job just to keep up with the food-loving community.

Members are encouraged to cook and post photos of their meals on the page for other members to complement and learn how to cook the same. The page also organizes several cooking competitions for members to meet, network, and learn from one another.

2. Group Kenya- 2 Million Members

This thriving community provides a forum for a lively debate on topics ranging from religion to politics, governance, and satire.

Never one to hide behind fictitious safety rules, members have frequently danced on the precipice of controversy, which led to its closure a few years ago after a heated political debate pitting team NASA vs team Jubilee.

If you have an insatiable desire to know what’s going on in the news at any given time, this is the community for you.

3. Uhuru Kenyatta Supporters- Over 1 Million Members

This is President Uhuru’s fans club dedicated to promoting the president’s overall agenda.

The community is always on the lookout for any news about their leader, from travels to meetings to his social activities.

Uhuru’s ardent supporters frequently hold forums where they can debate issues concerning the presidency and what can be done to ensure Uhuru leaves a positive legacy.

4. Kilimani Mums and Dads (Original)- Over 1 Million Members

This is among the Biggest Facebook Groups in the country. However, don’t be fooled by the seemingly nurturing name of this social learning group; no one is here to mother you.

This is one of Kenya’s most interesting online communities on Facebook.

With hilarious, thought-provoking, and sometimes controversial posts, there is never a dull moment.

In this vibrant community, hot gossip that would make Maina Kageni cower behind his desk is the order of the day.

Just be careful not to get on their bad side, as these communities have the power to completely destroy your online profile as well as social standing. If this community decides to pursue you, itafikia wazazi.

5. Gor Mahia Fc Worldwide- over 1 Million Members

If you can’t stand football banter, just stay away from this group as the 1 million-strong fan base dishes it out in bucket loads.

This has been designated as the official fan page for one of the country’s most popular football clubs, Kogalo.

The group will undoubtedly keep you up to date on everything going on at the club, including behind-the-scenes information that rarely makes the news.

Yes, they will constantly remind you that they have won the Kenya Premier League 17 times, as well as numerous other awards, as they say, Issa lifestyle yawa!

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6. Glam my home 496k Members

Biggest Facebook Groups

Glam my Home is a potential haven for individuals invested in the interior design business. It is described as a platform where members exchange home improvement tips.

Hundreds of thousands of members use this platform to constantly brainstorm ways to improve the appearance of the various houses.

7. Kenyan Online Market- 482k members

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a group where you could score bargain after bargain? Then this is the place for you.

This vibrant community was established to serve as a meeting place for buyers and sellers.

It has been able to maintain a credible reputation by automatically banning any member who spams the group or engages in any type of monkey business involving the sale of counterfeits.

8. Teachers’ Notice_Board Kenya- 470k members

Who knew teachers could be so entertaining? From the outside, this appears to be a typical teachers’ Chama group where educators gather to discuss the new curriculum, correct? wrong?

The members may be teachers, but that hasn’t stopped them from posting content so contentious that police had to intervene at some point.

However, according to the official records, this group is aimed at national cohesion and integration by bringing together Teachers, Teacher Trainees, and our esteemed Tutors from all Teacher Training Colleges in Kenya with some manners and professionalism, go figure.

9. UDA Party Supporters- 318k members

This group was formerly known as Jubilee Party Supporters, but the name was changed after the party deputy chairman William Ruto left to create his own party dubbed UDA which he used to vie for the 2022 presidential election and won.

The name pretty much says it all. Supporters of the ruling party had felt the need to create a platform where they could express their undying devotion to their party.

However, it is not all love and praise, as some members occasionally start debates criticizing the shortcomings of their beloved party.

If the hustler is your role model, this group will undoubtedly brighten your days.

According to the group’s bio, it was formed in order to popularize the Jubilee party and elevate it to the ranks of the world’s largest political parties. However, that name changed after the two politicians broke out.

10. Who is moving out? I want to move in!- 284k Members


Moving can be an exhausting experience. Let’s be honest: if you had a one-stop shop where you could house hunt with the click of a button, avoiding all the suspicious agents who charge an arm and a leg for each house visit, wouldn’t you take it?

This group provides house hunters with the best place to get leads as well as reviews of various estates and the best agents to use.

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11. Africa Farmers Club- 172 K members

As the name implies, the group was formed to bring together people interested in farming.

Farmers club members are a very active community who constantly share new farming technologies and ideas for increasing yields.

Anyone interested in farming should be a part of this close-knit community because some of the information shared by fellow professionals is simply priceless.

The entire reason for its formation was to actually improve its members’ livelihoods and make Africa food secure.

12. Buyer Beware- 140k members

This is one group that can help you get your money back after falling for a shady con artist or keep you from making rash decisions that could leave you bankrupt.

Buyer Beware is one of Kenya’s most influential and goal-oriented Facebook groups. It is controversial and full of outspoken members.

It’s all about sharing the good, bad, and ugly of customer service, warning about the latest shady deals, and sharing our own experiences.

13. Kenya Property Link (Rent/Buy/Sell/Soko)- 137K Members

This one is strictly for those looking for a good deal on houses to rent in Nairobi. Members are permitted to post advertisements, but only for houses for rent.

However, if you believe you can cross-sell and decide to post your moving company’s ad, you will be banned from the group in no time.