Odongo Swag Biography,Age, Music Career and Net worth

Odongo Swagg is a Kenyan ohangla musician whose name is a household among the Luo community.

This young artist has stormed the industry with a bang thanks to his sweet vocals and good music he releases. His songs have been played far and wide and surprisingly, even in areas where Dholuo is like a foreign language.


Odongo Swagg whose real name is Collins Otieno Owigo was born on 28th of December, 1989 and by same date 2023, he will be about 34 years. He was born in Rarieda constituency in Siaya county.


Odongo came from a humble background and this had great impact on his education. Back in his days, education was not free as it is nowadays where it is possible to get primary education free in public primary schools. His parents were not able to raise enough money to make him go through all the education system. He dropped along the way and started building his career.


Even though he is now doing music as his full time occupation, Odongo did other things before entering into music industry. He tried being a fisherman and later worked at construction sites in Kisumu which even inspired one of his songs, Chwade gi nyundo.

Odongo also took carpentry course which was a common thing during those early 2000s that after school, one would be sent to learn artisan jobs from an expert. You would pay for the training which involved seeing and doing till you learn to do it yourself.

He said that music was something inborn and even when he was doing carpentry, he knew it was not his ultimate call as music spirits kept on knocking on him. That is why he uses the phrase ‘gini gir juogi’ translating to ‘this thing is for/by spirits’ meaning his talent in music is inspired by spirits.

He officially made his entry into music in 2020 when he released his first song Nyar Mbita Mama. This song quickly gained the attention of music lovers and became a tiktok sensation attracting hundreds of dance challenges. Going by the fact that 2020 many Kenyans were indoors due to corona virus, listening to music was one of the main activities people did to pass time.

After this song, Odongo made his imprints in the industry and released another song which became like an anthem, Chwade gi nyundo. This simply means hit it with a hammer. As we all know, music is a poem therefore the title of the song is used as a metaphor that has deeper meaning. This was loved and trended making him now a national celebrity.

In short, Odongo has several songs which all became hits the moments they are released. His songs are loved by many due to the lyrics, rhythms and even his own voice and style of music.


He is married to his long time lover, Linda, whom they had a traditional wedding early this year.