Vincent Ateya, from Humble Beginnings to Illustrious Radio Career

Vincent Ateya is a Kenyan Journalist and Radio personality who has established himself as one of the top radio presenters in the country.

His name is synonymous with the Kenyan radio industry. And, for years, he has established himself as one of the most bankable radio hosts in the country.

The revered media personality shared his journey to success on Citizen TV.

Here is his story as told by Jambo Daily.

Vincent Ateya Age and Place of Birth

Born in Kakamega, his family relocated to Nairobi while he was in fifth grade. They moved to the Mukuru slums, and life was not what he had expected.

Vincent Ateya Education

Vincent Ateya was under the assumption that Nairobi was the place to be. He was unable to complete his schooling for a little more than a year.

He began to spend a lot of time at church. This was until a Catholic priest, who had noted his absence from school, inquired as to the cause of his absence.

After describing his situation, the priest directed him to the Mukuru Promotion Centre and informed them that he had sent him there.

He wanted to enroll in Class 5, but the school was hesitant. He persuaded the administration to let him attend the class, threatening to repeat it if he did not perform well.

Despite missing school for one and a half years, he finished second.

Vincent continued to excel while maintaining his passion for football. He won the national public speaking competition in his last year, earning him a vacation to Italy. When he returned, he enrolled in Aquinas High School.

High School and coaching

He began instructing football to young youngsters in his neighborhood while still in high school. He would coach them in his spare time, and this became a form of rehabilitation for folks who would otherwise be inhaling glue.

He worked at night after finishing his O-levels and trained them during the day. McDonald Mariga was one of the renowned footballers who took part in the matches.

Pursuing Higher Education

Later, one of the Catholic nuns was invited to speak at Capital FM, and she tagged Vincent Ateya along. The theme of the talk was The African Child.