Mysterious Buildings and Places ‘Haunted’ By Evil Spirits in Kenya

Despite their unpopularity, Kenya has various mysterious buildings and Places that are believed to be haunted by evil spirits.

Kenya is a land of natural beauty, unique cultures, and fascinating history; nevertheless, many people think that some of these destinations are inhabited by bad spirits.

Many haunted locations in Kenya are supposed to be possessed by malevolent spirits, ranging from scary caves to abandoned structures.

Jambo Daily investigates some of Kenya’s most haunted locations and the terrifying stories that have made them famous in this article.

Mysterious Buildings and Places ‘Haunted’ By Evil Spirits in Kenya

1. Menengai Cave

Menengai Cave is also known as ‘Kirima kia ngoma’ which means the place of devils in Kikuyu. It is located within the Menengai Crerter area in Nakuru County.

Despite the stunning beauty that it boasts, the destination has a dark and wild side tied to it that has had locals believe that it’s the work of evil spirits.

While some people have died while others disappeared and are never to be seen again, some have lost their way in the cave and are unable to explain how they lost their way.

There are also claims that people see a devil riding a motorcycle while others have spotted a flying umbrella that appears when it rains.

It is alleged that the destination was a fighting battle for Maasais from Laikipia and Ilpurko, with locals claiming that spirits of warriors who were thrown into the caldera haunt the place to date.

2. Pillar of Mbaraki

Mysterious Buildings and places

The Pillar of Mbaraki is the second oldest monument after Fort Jesus. Located in Mombasa County, it is one of the Mysterious Buildings and Places ‘Haunted’ By Evil Spirits in Kenya.

It remains unclear what purpose it served in the ancient world although historians believe it served as a lighthouse.

On the other hand, it is said that there is an Arab spirit that resides within its walls, and it possesses powerful magical healing abilities.

It is also claimed that women with fertility issues perform rituals at the bottom of the pillar in the hope of bearing children.