Jackie Matubia Bio, Career, New Boyfriend, Baby Daddies & Children

Jackie Matubia is a Kenyan actress who rose to prominence as ‘Jolene’ in Citizen TV’s acclaimed high school drama series Tahidi High.

Tahidi High was one of Kenya’s most popular shows at one point. Everyone was looking forward to seeing the high school drama on Citizen TV on Tuesday.

If you used to watch the show, you would have seen Jackie Matubia, who played Jolene on the show.

She is a brilliant performer whose talents have wowed the public, as well as a TV personality who has worked in several media groups.

According to Jambo Daily, this is her story.

Jackie Matubia Age



She is 32 in 2023.

Jackie Matubia’s Professional Career

As previously said, Kenyans first became aware of her when she appeared on Citizen TV in the then-school drama Tahidi High. She, like the rest of her program companions, demonstrated exceptional talent.

This is why her departure from Tahidi High was so upsetting to her fans. She would later divulge the cause, which was that she was pregnant.

“I had to leave the show when I was four months pregnant because I’d bought so many skirts and it was getting harder to hide the bump,” she stated in a previous interview.

The former Tahidi High actress also appeared in Citizen TV’s “Zora,” opposite Sara Hassan, with whom she had previously worked on Tahidi High. She played her part effortlessly and organically, making the show enjoyable to watch.

Aside from acting, she is a social media influencer and the founder of Fabulously Forward, a beauty salon that provides a variety of treatments and accessories.

Marriage and Family

Jackie Matubia

The actress married pilot Kennedy Njogu, and she previously denied rumors of their divorce. The fact that they erased each other’s social media posts prompted the rumors.

“We celebrated our third year of being legally married in May this year but I understand with the decision to not post him, it raised questions,” she said in an interview with Parents Magazine.

Matubia and her pilot ex-husband had a daughter.

Later, in an interview with Massawe Japanni, she would tell how her marriage had ended. Her parents divorced when she was a child, and her mother’s new family rejected her.

“He, like me, had problems in the past.” The issue is that we women tend to rely on a man, our children, or our homes to have a decent existence. We must discover how to make ourselves joyful. “I went to counseling and learned to forgive and love myself,” she remarked partially during the interview.

Blessings Lugaho

Blessing Lugaho’s relationship ended pretty abruptly. The two-year relationship appeared to be flawless until cracks appeared. Mature initially protested that the relationship was in trouble, but subsequently conceded that things were not going well.

The actress appears to have not moved on, as indicated by the hostile fire targeted at her baby daddy. One of her tweets said:

“Mimi nawaambia, mkiamua kupata watoto, pateni watoto na watu wako na akili” (loosely translated: if you intend to have a child, do it with someone with brains).

Another one read:

“I have already met Mr player, Mr stupid, Mr idiot, Mr psycho, Mr cheap, Mr lazy, Mr user, Mr know it all, Mr control freak and Mr stalker. Where the hell is Mr Right?”

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Jackie Matubia’s New Boyfriend

Jackie Matubia

Jackie revealed on social media that she was in a new relationship.

Jackie Matubia posted images of her new boyfriend, Maurice, on social media. The two could be seen in a tight embrace in some of the photos. She captioned one of the photographs, ” Does he hold you like this?”

In another shot, she requested people to recommend wedding venues and dates that were most convenient for them.

“New man innit leteni wedding venue suggestions and your most convenient dates,” she wrote.

Netizens however had a different view of her new engagement. Some congratulated her while others said the union would not last long since she has a record of breaking up with boyfriends now and then.