Ten Kenyan Street Foods You Must Try!

Kenyan street foods have are among the most sought after, especially by those visiting Kenya for the first time.

Kenya, a charming country in East Africa, is among African countries known to have the most exciting street foods. It sits along the Indian Ocean’s coast and is surrounded by mountain ridges, savannah, and the Great Rift Valley, providing ample opportunity to be one with nature.

Maasai Mara Reserve, located in Nairobi’s capital city, is one of the must-see attractions here, especially for animal lovers.

You’ll see elephants, rhinos, lions, tigers, and other wildlife in their natural habitats. It is also well-known for hosting large herds of grazers such as deer, llamas, cattle, and horses during their annual migration.

Aside from nature and the wild, Kenya is known for its delectable dishes that reflect the country’s culture and history.

Check out our collection of the finest street food you should try in Kenya as your guide to the country’s vibrant food scene if you want a flavor of the country on a plate or a stick.

Ten Kenyan Street Foods You Must Taste

1. Smokie Pasua

Kenyan Street Foods You Must Taste!

Smokie pasua is a sausage split to make a pocket that is filled with kachumbari (fresh tomato and onion salad) and then topped with chili and tomato sauce.

Because the sausage has already been cooked, the vendor will only have to reheat it for the customers. These are frequently sold alongside boiled eggs in white trolleys in many Kenyan towns.

Just a heads up: this street food is flavorful and addictive, making it difficult to resist buying another.

2. Mutura

Kenyan Street Foods You Must Taste!

Mutura, Kenya’s most popular street food, is prepared differently in each town. To simplify, it is made of goat or beef tripe that is then filled with minced meat or raw blood before being boiled in a soup to allow the blood or meat to cook.

This food is also referred to as blood sausage. You can order a plain-meat Mutura if you find it difficult to eat knowing there is blood in it. Before serving, it is steamed and sliced into tiny pieces on a small board.

3. Mshikaki (grilled kebab)

Kenyan Street Foods

Mshikaki, a famous street food in Kenya, is also identified as a kebab in many other countries. It is a skewer that is usually made of meat, such as beef, goat, or chicken.

The meat is brined before being grilled over an open fire. It can be spicy at times and contains vegetables. Electric Avenue in Nairobi, which is home to many bars and clubs, is teeming with kebab vendors.

4. Grilled Maize

 Kenyan Street Foods

Grilled maize is corn on the cob that has been spiced and grilled, and it has a natural sweetness and a crunchy texture. It is popular throughout South Africa and other countries. It’s also frequently slathered in lime, chili, and salt.

If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll love this street food, which is not only healthy but also delicious. The grilled corn is also quite filling, giving you the energy to walk and continue your tour.

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5. Mahamri


Mahamri is not only a popular street snack in Kenya, but it is also a popular breakfast staple. It’s a sweetened donut made with sugar, coconut milk, yeast, and cardamom.

Because it is deep-fried, it has a golden brown color. The fragrance of the doughnut can be detected from a distance, tempting you to try it. It is also best served with a hot chai tea, which enhances the experience and gives out the coconut taste of the dish.

6. Mayai pasua


Mayai pasua is a hard-boiled egg sold alongside smokie pasua and samosa. The vendor cracks the shell and peels the egg with a spoon – you’ll be amazed at how quickly they can do it.

It is then sliced in half and filled with either pepper or plain kachumbari. You can also season with salt to taste. This street food is filling, so you’ll have enough energy to walk round the town before your next meal.

7. Nyama Choma

 Kenyan Street Foods
Nyama Choma in Preparation. Photo/Courtesy.

Nyama choma should be on any list of must-try Kenyan street foods. It is a roasted meat dish that is commonly made with goat or beef. The fatty part of the meat is the best part to use when cooking nyama choma.

The street food is eaten with one’s hands, with a quick dip in salt for added flavor. Many stalls along the street sell the fried version as well.

8. Fried Cassava

Kenyan Street Foods

Cassava is abundant in Kenya, and the local residents grew up wolfing down this starchy tuber. It has a hard texture that allows it to be deep fried or roasted. Fried cassava is yet another delicacy among popular local Kenyan street foods.

It is typically topped with spicy additives and slathered with lemon for extra tang. If you don’t want it fried, you can get simmered cassava and sweet potatoes at an extremely low price.

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9. Matumbo Stew

Kenyan Street Foods

Matumbo, as Kenyans call it, is a delicacy that is made out of goat or cow’s stomach lining. The intestines and lining are chopped into small pieces and cooked with other ingredients such as tomatoes, Irish potatoes and onions to make a sweet stew.

In English, Matumbo is known as tripe, a name that few people are familiar with. The meat is not only inexpensive, but it is also high in protein and zinc and phosphorous.

The stew is the served with ugali or chapati. Many Kenyans love the meal as it is sweet and inexpensive. It is with no doubt among favorite Kenyan street foods.

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10. Viazi Karai


There are many potato snacks available around the world, such as French fries, but Kenya uses its own way of preparing a potato snack.

The fried potato, or viazi karai as the locals call it, is boiled before being coated with a chili-sour batter and fried. It is topped with coconut chutney and doused with spicy pili-pili sauce when served.

This dish is mouthwatering and addictive due to the sweet taste of the coconut alongside the other spices. After you finish your first, you’ll almost certainly order another.