Ondivow Photography Biography, Age, Career and Net Worth.

Stephen Okoth alias Ondivow Photography, a brand he owns is a local Kenyan Photographer and filmmaker based in Kibera Slum, Nairobi.

The photographer and fashionista has made it his goal to stand out in Kibera, the city’s largest slum.

He has become a well-known figure in the area thanks to his distinctive colorful clothing, which he buys at local secondhand shops.

Because of his commitment to telling stories the way they are, he was given the nickname “Ondivow” by his pals which means “In The Vow” to do the best in his line of career.

So, Who is Ondivow Photography? In this writing, we are going to look at his biography and have a grasp of his story.

Ondivow Photography Age and Place of Birth

The 25-year-old, who was born and raised in Kibera, said he is eager to give a different picture of the area rather than the typical tales of hardship and misery.

He was impacted by the presence of drugs and crime when he was growing up, but he was determined to make a change.

Ondivow Photography Education

Not much is known about Stephen’s educational background. However, we will update this article once we discover this information.

Ondivow Photography Career

Stephen is a professional photographer and filmmaker based in the Kibera slum. He rose from an amateur cameraman to an avid photographer who now lands several well-paying gigs.

He has 8 years of experience in the field. He has served as a cinematographer for a few Kenyan TV programs, including Mshamba (KTN), Naswa (Citizen TV), and others.

He has also directed documentaries including “Our Piece of Land” and “Walk for Elephants,” among others.

He worked as a stylist on the short film Picha Marangi from the Turkana Artist Exchange as well as ads for Jikokoa and Hannan tissue paper. He has directed a few music videos, including “Get It,” “Gwangi,” by Wakuu Music, and “Patee” by Octopizzo.

Ondivow Kibera Demonstration video

During the Azimio la Umoja demonstrations staged by opposition leader Rails Odinga on 20th march 2023 d, Stephen recorded a video of what was happening in the Kibera slums. The video later went viral on social media and he was applauded for his good work of videography and edits.

See the video below as shared by Ondivow Photography on Facebook.

Ondivow Photography Fashion

Stephen made the decision that the colorful attire would contrast nicely with his dark skin tone in order to stand noticed.

He once received the comment that he appeared uninteresting when wearing calmer clothing and should change.

Stephen purchases his clothing at Nairobi’s enormous Gikomba market, where there are hundreds of stores and stalls offering used clothing that has been imported from the US and Europe.

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If he discovers something he loves, he promises to give the vendor his phone information and ask them to call him if anything comparable shows up in the future.

According to him, the majority of Kibera residents think he has a distinctive style and like the way he looks.

Every day, Stephen makes an effort to dress differently.

He claims that a shirt will run him about 800 shillings and a pair of pants roughly Sh1,000.

Stephen Okoth Girlfriend

Not much is known about the woman Stephen has in his life. We will update this information once we get ahold of it.

Ondivow Photography Net Worth

Ondivow’s photography’s net worth is not currently in the public domain. However, he earns good fortunes from his photography and film-making business.