Vinny Flava, from Hawking Smokies to a popular Artist In Kenya

Vinny Flava, real name Vincent Mgenya Omondi, is a skilled Kenyan performer who has risen to prominence in the music industry.

His song, Habibi, released five months ago, topped the charts on YouTube in Kenya’s trending videos in the music category. The song has over 1.3 million views on YouTube and has been recognized as a masterpiece by most of his followers.

Love for Music

His passion for music began at a young age. Eldoret, who grew up in Burnt Forest, was not academically gifted. He did, however, know that he enjoyed music.

In a recent Obinna TV interview, the artist disclosed that he traveled to Nairobi in 2016 to become a big-name artist. After approaching producers, he was met with multiple rejections, making his path to prominence difficult.

Unusual tasks

He began smelling smokies to make a living. However, the company failed, forcing him to work as a construction worker. He labored until one of his hands began to fail him.

This drove him to search for a business that would make him money but would not be physically demanding. This is how he got started selling women’s underwear.

Getting involved with EMB Records

During this time, he maintained his ambition of becoming a singer alive by obtaining the number of famed gospel-turned-secular artist Bahati.

He then found he had been conversing with someone posing as Bahati until he had his true phone number. He attempted to contact the artist several times without luck.

He was once asked to compose an email but never received a response.

Bahati answered his phone one day and found himself signed to his then-music label, EMB. This was a dream come true, but three months later, the record label went bankrupt and all of their contracts were dissolved.

Flava opted to stay with Bahati and helped him with a variety of odd jobs. He refused to let go of the artist he believed would pave the road for his achievement. He would drive the artist’s automobile and run his errands.

Diana Bahati announced on Instagram in early 2022 that she had signed her first singer under her label, Diana B Entertainment. She revealed it was Vinny Flava, and he thanked her for the opportunity.

“My name is Vinny Flava, and I work for Diana B Entertainment.” Today is a watershed moment in my musical career. I give all credit to God. I will be eternally grateful to the rare people who helped make this a success. I will be eternally grateful to my incredibly capable management team for making this possible. Let’s do this, my new followers, whom I refer to as my family. “My heartfelt condolences to the Bahati family, @diana_marua, and @bahatikenya,” he added.

They later collaborated on the song Mubaba. The song, which was posted on her YouTube channel on February 2, 2022, has over 2.3 million views.

Breaking out on his own

Vinny Flava

Later, he appeared to continue the trek on his own. He told Obinna that he was broke in the run-up to 2023.