Nicki Bigfish Biography, Age, Career, Personal Life & Net worth

Nicki Bigfish is a well-known Kenyan comedian who has made a name for himself by pranking random people on the street.

This perilous field has drawn a tremendous amount of fans across multiple social media platforms, including YouTube, where he has 118k subscribers.

His narrative, as told by Jambo Daily, is as follows.

Nicki Bigfish Real Name

Nickson Andere Asitwa is Nicki Bigfish’s true name.

Educational background

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Nickson attended Eastleigh High School and received a perfect score on the national exam. He received straight A’s in all but one subject, according to his KCSE certificate, which was previously released online.


The comedian was raised in a Christian home, and both of his parents were church leaders. Because of this, he joined the church choir at a very young age.

In one of his most recent interviews, Nickson stated that despite his comedy videos portraying him as a mischievous figure, he still attends Sunday services.

Bigfish’s siblings are still unknown. Previously, he resorted to Instagram to seek assistance in locating his younger brother, Samuel Asitwa, who had gone missing in Nairobi.

Nicki Bigfish Career

Nickson’s decision to pursue comedy was met with strong opposition, particularly from his father. Like renowned YouTuber Wode Maya, who was sharp in class, convincing his father about his love was difficult, even though Nickson’s mother was completely supportive.

Felix Odiwour aka Jalang’o, who supported him in his early days as a comedian, is credited with the prankster’s success in the extremely competitive market. According to Bigfish, it was Jalang’o who provided him with a spot at National Theatre to develop and edit his work.

Bigfish previously appeared on Churchill Show as part of a group called Ribcrackers. The comic, on the other hand, claims that it needed perseverance and a high pain threshold before they were acknowledged, since they were reviled and turned down in numerous auditions.

Nickson was also a director and prankster for Citizen TV’s Naswa show and has appeared on Ebru TV’s Jibonge show.

Nicki Bigfish