Mc Bull Biography, the Inspiring Story of Kenya’s Award-Winning Comedian

MC Bull, also known as John Ndegwa, is an award-winning actor, MC, content developer, and comedian. He has over one million followers across all of his social media platforms including his YouTube channel.

Because of his talent, the actor has had tremendous success, appearing in some of Kenya’s most popular films and dramas.

This article explores the story of MC Bull, highlighting his background, acting and comedy career, education and rise to celebrity status.

Background and Education

He was born on the island of Maua and attended Maua Primary School. He went to Narok Boys before coming home to finish high school. He later went on to earn a diploma in journalism and mass communication.

Mc Bull is the only son in a family of four. They were raised by a single mother in a rented house.

Growing up was difficult, and he went to school barefoot until the seventh grade. They didn’t always have enough food, and being locked out of the house due to rent was not uncommon.

In a YouTube interview with Glow up with Makena, he even disclosed that he and his pals would hunt for food in the trash when the food at home was insufficient.

Mc Bull Career

His mother had wanted him to become a teacher like everyone else in the family, but he didn’t think it was for him.

He worked in mjengo after graduating from college before meeting someone who introduced him to television.

He was laid off in 2015 during the analog to digital transition and struggled for several years to find work.

While the acting business was not simple for him, he began by working on the prank show Naswa. Later, he appeared in shows such as Inspekta Mwala, Varshita, Auntie Boss, Jameni, and Maria.

In 2019, he totally embraced content creation and began filming amusing films. His first video was about an eyewitness story, and it was well received.

This was a difficult period because obtaining subscribers was difficult. Even when the videos went popular, he had trouble gaining subscribers.