Lynn Ngugi, from an Employee in Qatar to Owning a Media Network

Lynn Ngugi is the CEO and Founder of Lynn Ngugi Network. She is a trained Journalist who appeared in the limelight while working for TUKO News.

The high-flying journalist is one of the most recent entries in Business Daily’s Top 40 Under 40, an annual award that recognizes and celebrates 40 men and women under the age of 40 who are making an impact in various sectors.

Here is her story as told by Jambo Daily

Lynn Ngugi Backcground

Lynn Ngugi

Lynn was born at Nairobi’s well-known Pumwani Hospital, and she was raised by her mother when her parents split.

Following their divorce, they were compelled to relocate to a less expensive single-room property in Huruma Estate.

Her mother was a shoe vendor in Nairobi CBD at the time.

Lynn Ngugi Educational Background

“My mother worked as a shoe hawker at Gikomba market.” She would sell her meager shoe collection just to have food on the table. “She became a clothes hawker in Nairobi CBD at some point, and it was a struggle,” Lynn explained.

Lynn went to Ndururno Primary School and took the Kenya Certificate Primary Examinations (KCPE).

“My mother was very strict about education.” “She always insisted on school, and even though I was out of class more than I was in class due to a lack of school fees, my mother always found a way to see me through,” she explained.

She excelled in her KCPE and was accepted into Moi High School, but due to a shortage of funds, she had to repeat Class 8.

“I passed my primary exams and remember being admitted to Moi Girls School,” she says. “However, due to a lack of funds or bursary scholarships, my mother convinced me to repeat primary school.” “She couldn’t support both my older sister and me in high school,” she explained.

She enrolled in Magumu High School, a local school in South Kinangop, for her secondary school education after taking the KCPE for the second time.

Despite enduring obstacles in high school, she succeeded, and despite being accepted to the University of Nairobi, she was unable to attend owing to a lack of funds.

“Imagine you have so much potential but are unable to attend university due to financial constraints.” It’s heartbreaking.

“I wanted to pursue law at university and be like The Boston League or Harvey from Suits, but I didn’t get enough funds,” she told the newspaper.

Lynn began her acting career after being denied admission to university. She auditioned at the Kenya National Theatre (KNT).

She would perform set books for Ksh 600.

Lynn enrolled in the East Africa School of Media Studies in 2011 and graduated in 2013 with an Associate Degree in Mass Communication and Broadcast Journalism.

“I started job searching after two years of college, and it was difficult.” My friend Kate and I used to make demo videos and snippets and deliver them to media outlets.

“I dropped my videos almost everywhere and received no calls back.” Kate received an attachment, but I received none. “I gave up after six months of tarmacking,” she explained.

Despite having offers to work at a filming firm, Kiwo Films, she was unable to work owing to a lack of funds to travel to video production sets.

Working in a foreign nation

Lynn was able to travel to Dubai after exhausting all other alternatives through a buddy she met on Facebook.

Despite the fact that she was in Dubai on a visitor’s visa, she began looking for and applying for every job she could find.

She eventually found work at a restaurant that supplied housing and a work visa.

“Costa Coffee called me back just a few days before her visiting visa expired.” I explained my predicament to them, and they offered me lodging and a