List of Board Games to Play with Family and Friends

This is a list of board games to play with family and friends. Playing games is more than just fun and games, as the saying goes. They provide a pleasant diversion from the typical Netflix/Hulu circuit and encourage creative thinking and the chance to interact with the individuals you live with.

Selecting a game from a seemingly limitless sea of choices is the difficult part. Look no further than these expert-selected top games, which have been categorized to make finding something easier to do on a rainy day.

Board Games to play with Family and Friends

1. Catan

Players compete to control their own civilization and spread across a modular hex board while acquiring and trading natural resources like wheat, brick, sheep, ore, and lumber in a game for victory points. You never know when the robber might steal some of your gains, so be careful: Another player might block your path.

2. Ticket to Ride

In the game Ticket To Ride, players must construct railroad routes throughout a map (often America or Europe, though other options are available) as they gather train cards and routes. The player with the most points wins at the conclusion of the game.

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The goal of the game is to accumulate as many points as you can by completing the longest routes, but there are other ways to win extra points, including connecting two far-off locations with Destination Tickets and building the longest continuous train.

3. Chess

Board games to play
Messi and Ronaldo playing Chess. Photo/Christiano/Fb

One of the oldest and most well-liked board games to play is chess. It is played on a checkered board between two opponents using specially designed pieces in opposite colors, typically white and black.

4. Carcassonne

In the tile-laying game Carcassonne, which is based on the same-named French medieval fortification, players fill in the surrounding countryside. Each new tile adds to the ever-expanding board on which players can place their followers.

Points are scored by having followers on features as the game is completed. Players can choose tiles that represent towns, roads, monasteries, and fields.

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5. Checkers

Board games to play

Checkers (American English), also referred to as draughts (in British English), is a category of two-player strategic board games that call for a diagonal movement of identical game pieces as well as required captures by jumping over rival pieces. Alquerque is the basis for checkers.

6. Trivial Pursuit

As they respond to questions from the six categories of geography, history, art and literature, science and nature, and sports and leisure, participants in Trivial Pursuit move around the game board. If you choose the right response when you land on a “category headquarters” slot, you will receive a colored wedge.

Only after answering the last question correctly, of course, does the first person to gather all six different wedges win!

7. Monopoly

board games to play

Monopoly is yet another of Schocker’s all-time favorites. Collect property color sets to build homes and, with luck, perhaps even an upgrade to a hotel, in order to become “wealthy” and bankrupt your rivals. You can charge other players that land their extra rent the more properties you possess!

8. The 50-50 Kenyan Board Game

The 50-50 Kenyan Board Game is a fun, lively word-guessing game that honors more than 50 years of Kenyan culture. The game, which focuses on People, Places, Events, Historical Figures, TV/Radio Stations, Schools, Brand Names, etc., aims to create a fun way to relive memories of our lovely country.

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9. Code Breaking

Codebreaker is a fun, intellectual 3D board game that requires quick thinking to solve. Five pegs are placed in their reserved area by the code setter. They are able to use a variety of colors, repeat patterns, or even leave some holes empty. Each player selects one of the small red or blue pegs, which are used to keep score.

10. Crazy Stone

Crazy stone is a board game developed as a mobile or computer application. It can be played on the computer or on a board.

Rémi Coulom’s powerful application Crazy Stone makes use of Monte Carlo Tree Search and pattern recognition. Behind MoGo, Crazy Stone finished second in the 2007 Computer Olympiad.