List of 10 Interesting Things to Do in Kericho County

Kericho County produces the finest Kenyan tea, known for its refined flavor across the globe. It has a population of 901,777 (2019 census) and an area of 2,111 km². This article will provide you with a list of the ten most exciting things to do in Kericho County in no particular order.

Kericho town, named for the county’s first chief Ole Kericho, is found west of the Rift Valley. Kericho County is a fertile green area with a perfect environment for agriculture, and it borders the massive Mau forest.

10 exciting things to do in Kericho County

1. Fort Ternan Museum

The Fort Ternan Museum is an ancient archaeological site approximately 3 kilometers from the Londiani-Muhoroni route. In 1962, Dr. Louis Leakey excavated the area and found fossils of an early human he named Kenyapithecus. Prehistoric stone implements and other artifacts from the Stone Age are also on display.

2. Visit Chebulu Conservancy

Chebulu Conservancy is made up of the Chebulu forest, a 21-kilometer-long rainforest. The conservancy was dedicated to the common good as a public amenity and water storage facility for the Chebulu River. It is home to many primates and avian species, a hiking trail, a camping area, and many birds.

3. Touring Kapkatet Museum

The Kapkatet Museum opened in 2008 to conserve the Nilotes’ cultural history. It features art exhibits and cultural artifacts, particularly from the Kipsigis, who have maintained a strong connection to the traditions of their ancestors. You should go there because it will fascinate you to learn how much people cherish their culture in the face of a modern, fast-paced world and how much they are prepared to sacrifice to keep it alive.

4. Tulwap Kipsigis

Tulwap Kipsigis is a historical landmark at the crossroads of Kipkelion and Londiani. The Kipsigis, a subtribe of the Kalenjin people, consider it a sacred site. It’s an important location for the Kipsigis, who come here to renew and rededicate themselves to their traditional cultural customs of circumcision and devotion to God.

5. Mau Forest

As East Africa’s biggest natural montane forest, the Mau Forest is a unique and vital ecosystem. The forest is the source of many rivers, including the Sondu, Njoro, Mara, and Ewaso Ng’iro. Numerous species of birds and other wildlife make the woodland their home. It’s a great place to go on a nature hike or view some birds.

Kericho County

6. Tagabi Monkey Sanctuary

The Tagabi Monkey Sanctuary is home to vervet monkeys, which may be seen wandering freely. In addition, the sanctuary has a hiking track that winds through the surrounding forest.

7. Tea plantations and factories

Kericho County is home to some stunning tea