Janet Mbugua Biography, Age, Career, Husband, Facts, Family

Families in Kenya are more interested in Janet Mbugua. In Kenya’s seaside areas in 1984, the romantic media figure was born. However, those who believe they know her well may be shocked to learn that she has a twin sibling. Would it claim that it isn’t astonishing? All things considered, there are many aspects of Janet Mbugua’s memoir that you probably had never knowledge whatsoever.

Janet Mbugua Biography

The well-liked media figure has come a long way to become the person she is now. In addition to being a media personality, Janet Mbugua is a performer. She gained wide recognition while working as a journalist and commentator for Royal Media’s Citizen TV.

When she quit Citizen TV to focus more on her own goals, such founding and running the Inua Dada Foundation, she broke the hearts of many Kenyans. Since her followers can’t get enough of her, it’s not surprising that questions about her, such where Janet Mbugua lives, frequently arise. There is a lot more to learn about her and her dedication away from the camera.

Janet Mbugua Education

Because she is selective about what she shares on different social media platforms, Janet Mbugua’s biography is quite condensed. The twins, Timothy and Janet Mbugua, were born in Mombasa on January 10, 1984, and they are now 36 years old. Janet attended Brooke House High School for her high school education.

She then began her undergraduate studies at USIU. Additionally, Mrs. Ndichu attended the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Malaysia to study mass communication. At the Swiss Management Academy in Nairobi, she subsequently completed an MBA in Global Business Management.


Mrs. Ndichu’s lengthy career adventure started in 2004, when she was 19 years old. When she was employed by Kenya’s Capital FM in Nairobi, she began her career in radio. She had achieved success as a journalist by 2009 and had the good fortune to be head-hunted by ETV in Johannesburg, South Africa. She worked as a news reporter, producer, and anchor for Africa 360, a pan-African current affairs program.

Later, she joined Citizen TV Kenya, where she took on the roles of host for The Big Question and Monday Special. Many fans were interested to learn what will be on Janet’s plate next when news of her departure from Citizen TV first surfaced. The broadcasting career has been fulfilling, with some standout moments include covering Nelson Mandela’s memorial ceremony in 2013, a South African liberation fighter and former president.

She also covered Kenya’s general elections in 2007 and 2013. She also had the chance to cover the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and the US 2012 Presidential Elections. Janet took her hand at acting and appeared in the 2014 film Rush. She played Pendo Adama, the owner and editor-in-chief of a magazine, in the sitcom as the star of the main cast. Mrs. Ndichu has additionally worked as a runway model in Malaysia and South Africa.

excluding journalism The owner and director of Media Avenue Limited is Janet Mbugua. The business provides emceeing, moderating, and public speaking services. The first lady Margaret Kenyatta supports her, and she has worked with the Kenya Red Cross in the Inua Dada Campaign to empower young females.


Even though Janet Mbugua is well-known, it is surprising to learn that little is known about her family. Both her mother and father are still alive, but nobody in the public is aware of who they are. Her other siblings, save her identical brother, have also been able to stay out of the spotlight.

Due to their uncanny similarity, Janet’s older sibling mistakenly believes that she is her twin sister. In 2017, her parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, but they still appear young, vibrant, and deeply in love.

Janet Mbugua’s husband and children

Janet Mbugua and Edward Ndichu had a protracted relationship prior to being married. Janet had a wild time in her earlier years, breaking the hearts of two guys, but she doesn’t regret it. She was forced to settle down and give up activities like clubbing when her career took off. That was before Edward arrived and the two began to find friendship in one another.

Janet Mbugua and Edward Ndichu attended the same Mombasa high school. Although Edward used to pursue Janet and even ruined her 16th birthday, she resisted his efforts. Years later, they reconnected and began a committed relationship. Fans still have recent memories of Janet Mbugua’s magnificent wedding in 2015 since it was so memorable.

Ethan Huru Ndichu is the son of Edward Ndichu and Janet Mbugua. Ethan was born in October 2015, making him just five years old. The devoted Janet Mbugua’s husband was present for the surgical procedure that gave birth to Ethan. The two have made an effort to keep the child out of the spotlight, thus little information on the youngster can be obtained online.

Mali Mwaura, a second son, is also their child. Mali was born on September 17, 2018, and has been alive for nearly a year. Just as with the first one, fans had to wait at least eight months before seeing the face of Janet Mbugua’s child.

Janet Mbugua’s salary

There is no doubt that Mrs. Ndichu was among the highest-paid media figures in the nation. She denied the persistent notion that she began at Royal Media Services with a starting salary of KSh 800,000. She claimed that she would be driving a Lamborghini if she were making that much money.